Hair Color Styles

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Hair Color Styles


How the Right Color Can Enhance Your Look
Hair is an important part of the visual presentation of women and not only are the right cut and style important but the right color can greatly change the total appearance as well. Certain shades go better with certain skin tones, eye colors, and clothing. There are many ways to enhance looks with different hues, highlights, lowlights, and other techniques to add something to the hairstyle. Changing the color of the hair is as vital as changing the length or style, that is why it is important to first determine which shades are better fitted fo reach look. There are four main shades for hair colors and those are blonde, brunette, red, and black. These main shades can have different hues as well such as golden brown, dark red, and a lot of other choices as well. Each hair color has it's own properties for defining looks and each can look great. 


Look More Energetic With Blonde Hair

picture of blonde hair

The hair color termed blonde provides an energetic quality to any style. Blonde can come in many different hues including golden, light, dirty, and the hard to accomplish platinum. The blonde colors go well with many different skin tones but are better with lighter ones as the color seems to contrast with darker skin tones. A mix of darker shades of blonde can make any hairstyle a little more low key and fit darker skin tones. Blonde hair can fade easily and the main key is to select a good shade tat matches individual skin tone and keep the blonde vibrant and not faded. The list of celebrities with blonde hair is endless and many have changed to blonde from other hair colors as well. Blonde hair will continue to be a favorite look for many women.

Add Some Spice With Red Hair

long curls

Red hair is probably the hardest to come by because if it's not natural, creating the red shade is truly a hard feat. Naturally red heads have a great advantage in that, if maintained correctly, the hair has a natural vibrancy. The red tint seems to highlight any hairstyle and draw great attention to it. Red hair seems to be more fitted with medium and long hair lengths because shorter cuts draw a lot of features out and if a person does not have delicate features, irregular features will stand out more. The red hues can range from anything from dark red to autumn leaves. Red is a great color that can be combined with other complimentary shades to bring out the red hues for a hairstyle.

Brunette Locks

picture of brunette hair

Brunette hair is probably the most versatile as there are an abundance of shades and the colors available seem to match almost any skin tone. From honey brown to light auburn to caramel, there are so many shades of brunette available and with these color choices comes a great selection for highlights and lowlights. Light shades can give a bright, brose appearance that is not as strong as blonde while darker shades give a mysterious, rich look not as dark as black hair. A number of brunette shades can bring out the features of the face as well as. Brunette hair color definitely has it's advantages

Back to Basics With Dark Hair

Dark black hair has a qualities that stand out more than other hair colors. Black hair is plain and simple, it is dark with no highlights or streaks or anything else. The hair is just black and shiny. Black hair color provides a very exotic, mysterious look especially if the hair is long and very shiny. The key to creating great looks with black hair is to have it not look dull but shiny and reflective. This creates a great look. the only variation to black hair is a few dark brown tints but that creates a whole different look that is not as good as the sleek, shiny hairstyles that can be seen on many celebrities.



Cinnamon Red Locks
Starting with a very peppy red hair, Phoebe Price shows off a very rich amber red color. The red hair color is not dull and flows with shine throughout the locks. This is an excellent example of how natural red hair can appear gorgeous when it is fresh and colorful, especially with longer strands.
Darker Red Shade
Isla Fisher made a splash with plenty of illustrious red color blends in her hair. The actress has a very strong red color in many of her images but in this one, lowlights are added to produce a very penetrating hue of glossy reds. The key to this color is the glazed display of the red hues from top to the wavy ends. The red tones can be seen clearly and seem rich and deep, not colorless and faded. This hair color is a great method to tone down dynamic red color to make it highly darkened and rich.
Chestnut Red Hair
This last celebrity has first-class red hair. The combination of lowlights and vivid, rich red tones fabricates one of the best colors that compliments any look and hairstyle. This is a perfect red color that is not too vibrant yet provides a mysterious essence. The scarlet tones are defined just enough to offset brunette comparisons. Overall, this hair color is a 9 out of 10 on a red color scale. 

Preventing Redheads From Fading
The problem for various redheads, is that the color often fades faster or become darker and lose that rich red color. Red hair colors definitely need a lot of protection much like blonde shades from sunlight and heat, primarily heat from styling products. Care starts with shampoos and conditions like those designed for red hair including brands like Dove and Pantene. Salons can provide a polished presentation to enhance the red tones or a special home glaze like John Frieda Radiant Red® can be used to spruce up spiritless red tints.

Autumn’s Hair Color
Many women look for new looks during the spring and fall and this sometimes leads to changes in hair color to create refreshing new hairstyles. Changing hair color can drastically produce a hairstyle with lots of difference rather if it is a total opposite color spectrum flip or the addition of highlights or other coloring techniques.

The problem that most women face with hair color changes is what can be done to create complimentary looks and the different methods stylists can use which is why it never hurts to ask and research. For fall hair colors, darker and richer shades tend to be more favorable because of the change in the color of the season. Hair colors with lots of depth and allow for shine are also great options. The three hair color shades below show different hair colors that are perfect for the autumn season and show some coloring processes.

 The hair color in this photo is a perfect example of a tone that works for the fall season. The gold and honey brown colors complement each other very well into the hairstyle and result is a polished, shiny finish. For women with lighter hair shades, adding some darker shades to blend in with the lighter ones can produce similar effects. A full head of highlights really works well with shorter hair lengths like this one where the color is noticeable from root to tip.
The hair color in this photo is done with full head highlights and does a high contrast with the natural dark color and the reddish tone. This is a great autumn color with the red hue reflecting between the darker tones from root to tip. The hair color is eye catching yet not too overwhelming to warrant bad attention even for formal events. Women can get this hair color with full head highlights or tone on tone coloring depending on natural hair color.
The hairstyle in this photo uses a rich, dark brunette tone to compliment a feathered cut that falls past the shoulders. This long hairstyle features a strong, off-center part styled smooth and sleek to bring out the quality and shine level of the hair color. The rich color really stands out more when it is styled with little enhancements and left straight and sleek from root to tip. Brunette shades from light brown to darker ones like this one really work well with autumn hairstyles and combining highlights of various shades can work wonders too.
Lots of celebrities do a total hair color change, some for the better and others for the worst but the picture of Ashley Tisdale is definitely of the first choice. She upgraded from a lighter blonde shade to this rich brunette shade with both highlights and lowlights and dark colored roots for a finishing touch. The key to her hair color is the different panels of color with the darker ends and roots to the lighter sections along the tresses. The hair color not only works for the fall season but also matches her skin color much better and gives her a mature, alluring look. This is a grand example of a hair color change made for an upgrade for any season



As a final tip to women looking for hair change, I definitely recommend visiting your colorist and asking them about different shades and techniques to apply the color to your hair. There are a lot of methods that can be used to infuse the color into the hairstyle which is great because every woman has a unique hair texture, style, and other characteristics.







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