Not sure what to use to control frizzy hair?

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Not sure what to use to control frizzy hair? 


Frizzy hair can definitely create a hair nightmare because all the hard work put into styling just doesn't seem to work or when it does, is unraveled. Hair becomes frizzy when water is absorbed through the hair cuticles, causing the hair to revert back and become kinky looking. Most of us have had these frizzy hair days where a cap becomes a must have accessory. Frizzy hair occurs more often in humid areas where it is easy for hair to absorb the water in the air. For women in these areas, it is even more important to prepare the hair for frizz using proper products and care.

Frizz No More
To help prevent frizz, there are many products that can help envelop the hair cuticles and prevent water from being absorbed through. It is also a good idea to make sure to blow dry the hair very well to ensure to extra water is left to seep through the hair cuticles.

Styling products are the next line of defense against frizzy hair. Before styling even begins there are detangling products, straightening products, and protective gels that can be added to towel dried hair. There are also a good handful of protective hairsprays and finishing sprays that also provide protection against frizz. All of these products add protective silicones, vitamins, and nutrients that seal in moisture, prevent moisture from seeping through, and even protect against heat from styling as well.






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