Dry Hair Treatment

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Dry Hair Treatment


Dry hair is a problem that everyone faces every now and then. Dry hair can be caused by many issues including hereditary factors, environmental issues, poor hair care, and even bad diet. People sometime are more born with hair that becomes more dry and less natural oil is produced to protect the hair. Exposure to weather like heat and sunlight can cause hair to become dry.

Styling hair without heat protecting products or styling too often using blow dry and flat irons can also lead to dry hair. Chemically treated hair that is not well maintained can also become very dry. All these reasons can lead to dry hair, which becomes brittle, can break, and is more vulnerable to split ends and bad looking hairstyles. Dry hair requires hydration treatment right away because as hair becomes more dry, the damage continues to increase.

Moisturizing Dry Hair
Hair that has already lost moisture and has become very dry requires treatment to revitalize the hair. Dry hair can be treating using moisturizing shampoos and conditioners that help the hair become revitalized and retain water. Very dry hair can be treated with a conditioning mask or leave-in conditioners that help the hair maintain water and become stronger. These treatments can be performed at home with some very beneficial products that are great for people already with dry hair but also a great once a month product for people with normal hair as well to help prevent dry hair

Preventing Dry Hair
There are many ways hair can lose moisture. Starting at home, many women do not use a heat protecting spray before using a blow dryer or straightening iron. These sprays can seal in moisture and protect against the heat applied to locks of hair day after day. Applying a heat seal spray can help prevent dry hair caused by over styling. For women more prone to dry hair, finishing off with a heat protecting sprays is also a good idea. Often, hair is submitted to hours in the sun or other harsh elements without a protecting spray. Like our skin which requires suntan lotion, our hair will also benefit from a sun protecting spray. There are sprays for protecting from the suns rays, beach and pool water, and other elements that can have harsh effects on the hair. Drinking at least 10 full glasses of water to keep the body refreshed is something that should be done as well. These steps can help in preventing of dry hair. 

Dry Hair Tip
Try to have a day where there is no styling involved with the hair. Just use a moisturizing shampoo and do not style with heating tools or styling products. Our hair needs a day of relaxation as well.



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