Preparing your hair for winter

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Preparing your hair for winter


Like it's drying and chapping effect on skin, winter is one of the worst times for bad hair days as the harsh dry air, wind, and cold weather can all attribute to hair damage. As winter approaches, both women and men should prep hair for dry days to come. Harsh winters with wind and snow are definitely even worse on a hairstyle, causing anything from dull, damaged, and flyaway hair. Damaged and dull hair can become worse in harsher dry winter days. Static becomes a major problem in the winter season and flyaway hair can become maddening. It just also happens that some of the biggest family holidays are in the winter season as well and hairstyles have to be looking healthy and beautiful. There are many precautionary steps and treatment options including a whole slew of hair products that can help winterize hairstyles.

Prepping Hair Before Winter
Before winter starts, there are plenty of steps to take to boost the health of the hair and keep it well moisturized. Winter days can damage healthy hair but going into winter with damage, dull, and dry hair is asking for trouble. During the fall, hair should be treated for all problems and color boosts should be added before the start of winter. Repairing and moisturizing shampoos like KMS Daily Repair Shampoo and Joico Moisture Recovery Conditioner can help repair dry hair. Hairstyles during the winter need color boost as well and products like John Frieda's color glazes can heighten reds, brunettes, and blondes and keep hairstyles from becoming dull. Lastly a deep conditioning treatment during the last week of the fall as well as treating those split ends before winter makes them worse, can decrease the chances of bad hair days during those cold months. Kerastase has a selection of hair therapy treatments for dry hair and the Serum Nutri-Sculp is great for a quick fix for split ends as well. Prepping the hair for winter will help limit bad hair days.

Hair Protection During Cold Winter Days
The winter can have very harsh days of cold dry air blowing very hard through the hair. This harsh winter weather can really cause hair to be very dry, dull, and damaged. Wearing protective head garments can help protect against wind and blowing dry air. These garments might lightly wreck a hairstyle but can protect the hair from damage. Unless it is a special occasion, using a hear garment to protect the hair will decrease damage potential. It is also a great idea to keep hair well moisturized during the winter. Moisturizing shampoos and conditioners are a must and a leave in conditioner or treatment mask once a month during the winter season can go a long way in maintaining healthy, beautiful hair. When styling, for those who needs tools like flattening irons and blow dryers, always go ionic and always use heat protecting sprays. Ionic tools like CHI Rocket Professional help prevent flyaway hair and add shine and heat protecting sprays like Paul Mitchell Heat Seal keep the hair from losing too much moisture during styling. Finish off hairstyles with sprays that prevent static buildup in the hair. These steps can help protect the hair against harsh winter days.



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