Having A Bad Hair Day? Here Are Some Common Reasons Why

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Having A Bad Hair Day? Here Are Some Common Reasons Why


Everyone has had that one day where your hair just does not seem to want to do what it is supposed to. No matter what styling products you add or how you style it, the hair just is not looking right or something is off with the hairstyle.

You find yourself trying to fix the hair all day long. These days are the bad hair days that we all get sometimes. Bad hair days can be caused by a number of reasons from genetics that produce brittle strands to hair products that just do not work. There are a number of issues that lead to these bad hair days and hopefully we can cover them all here with some useful tips to minimizing the effects of these bad hair days. 

  • Flyaway
    Flyaway hair is probably one of the most annoying hair issues for both men and women. No matter what styling products are used, the hair just will not stay in place due to a lack of moisture in the air and environmental elements that lead to static throughout the hair causing hair strands to repel. Flyaways are more frequent when the weather is dry or there is a lot of central heat in use. Treatments and quick fixes include leave in conditioners and finishing sprays.

  • Over Dry Hair
    Hair is made of one-fourth water and the longer the hair is the more hydration is needed towards the ends. Natural oil from the roots is distributed to the ends but the longer the hair the less moisture is sent throughout the hair. This is why it is very important to drink lots of water and keep the hair protected against weather extremities, heat from styling, and other methods that can dry out the hair. Hair masks, re-hydration, and heat protectants are a few fixes for dry hair.

  • Oily Hair
    The scalp produces natural oils that go from the roots to the rest of the hair. This oil helps keep hair from drying out and maintaining moisture. These oils from the sebaceous glands are the same oils that we sometimes get on our faces that lead to acne breakouts. For hair, when these oils are over producing, it causes a condition that makes the hair look greasy and is embarrassing like having dandruff. Fixes include shampoos, sprays, and hair therapy products.

  • Frizzy Hair
    Frizzy hair is a constant struggle for a lot of women, especially those with more complicated long hairstyles. Frizz seems to be more. Frizzy hair seems to occur more in those humid days and can ruin any hairstyle. Finishing sprays and shampoos can help protect against un-wanted frizz.

  • Limp and Lifeless Hair
    Sometimes the hair becomes limp and is not able to hold curls and waves as long as it should. This type of hair is similar to hair after wearing a cap for a couple of hours. Products that add moisture and volume are possible fixes for limp hair.

  • Brittle Coarse Hair
    Rather it be from genetics, too much bleaching and coloring, or excessive styling, hair can become coarse and brittle. This type of hair can be damaged easily and does not look good with most hairstyles. Products that add moisture and strengthen the hair cuticles are definitely a plus to resolving this issue.

  • Over Colored Hair
    Hair that is highlighted, colored in blonde, or bleached too often can become damaged. The damage can result in brittle hair that seems very dull and coarse and can break off easily. Hair like this needs moisture and a color enhancing product to make it more vibrant.


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