Tips to Picking Summer Dresses for Your Body Type!

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Tips to Picking Summer Dresses for Your Body Type!

    Women have a wide variety of summer dresses that invite them to  emphasize their femininity. Their particular enchantment and comfort are the principle qualities that make them a must in every woman’s closet. Also, summer dresses are available in different fabrics like cotton, satin and silk, among others. Not only can you incorporate classic dresses in neutral colors like a shirtdress or a wrap dress, you can also adventure yourself to wear sun dresses with geometric, abstracts, ethnic and floral prints.

Dresses are stress free, you can grab the first one you see every morning, slip it on, choose some accessories and you are done. They will always make you feel sophisticate and elegant, no matter what type of body you have. There are so many styles of dresses; you will always find the perfect one for every occasion.

  1.  Shirtdresses and Wrap around summer dresses are made practically for every type of woman. You can combine your shirtdress with a wide belt to stand out your waist.
  2. For a cocktail party or a night out, you can choose a trapeze or a Blouson  summer dress, these look elegant with high stilettos and an oversized clutch.
  3. Wide hip women should not wear dresses with pockets. Also, if your arms are a little big, don’t wear a sleeve with elastic since this can make them look bigger than they are.
  4. Strapless summer dresses are ideal for women with moderate breasts and a smaller back. V-neck dresses are favorable for women with small breasts, while an imperial style dress helps make big breasts appear smaller.
  5. A baby doll and a blouson dress have a nice flow that sits well to almost every lady.
  6. Halter dresses help distract attention from the hips and create a more proportionate figure. Though they are not recommendable if you have a wide back.
  7. Mini summer dresses look great with long sexy legs; they stand out the inferior part of your body and create the illusion of a rounder bottom. This effect can also be obtained with a ruffle dress.
  8. If you are a shorter gal, use dresses that come above to the knees, this way, you can show your legs and can appear a little taller.

Choosing the right color is also an important factor, bright colors like blues, hot pinks and greens are preferred for spring and summer; yellow and orange are also on the top of the list, but can ultimately be seen more in accessories like bags and flat shoes. Floral prints are very popular for spring and summer, but they are not a favorite amongst the younger crowd since they make them think of a girly type, try using flowers to accent your look, like using floral prints in your shoes your bags, even adding a flower in your hair or a bloom pin to your dress can transform your whole look.


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