Do Women Like Lingerie As A Gift?

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Do Women Like Lingerie As A Gift?

The obvious answer is YES!

Being the occasional Christmas gift, Valentine’s Day, anniversary or birthday gift, nothing says “Let’s get intimate” more than lingerie!

But I have to warn you this, when you buy her lingerie, the lingerie will be something that will likely be:
  • shown to all that are near her when she opens the lingerie gift you bought for her;
  • talked about with her family, friends, co-workers, heck, maybe even just strangers at the grocery checkout.

Many guys think purchasing lingerie as a gift is a bad thing. But, my experience tells me that when you select lingerie as a gift for the important woman in your life (girlfriend, lover, wife, live-in, partner), being spoken of to others and being identified as the ‘guy that bought her lingerie’ increases your stock in her mind positively and in the minds of those that hear about this gift. You become the bold adventurous man!

Now, the obvious drawback to lingerie, just like any clothing, as a gift is getting the sizing right.

For guys buying lingerie for the first time, you’ll need some sneaking around time to get her sizes. A quick peek, write it down, bra size and panty size, and you’re ready to order. You’ll have to be sneaky. But there are pluses to the lingerie gift that far outnumber the odds of the gift not being appreciated (and modeled).

Ordering lingerie online is a great way to avoid the usual embarrassment of going personally into the local shopping mall’s lingerie store (or other adult clothiers in your area) and having all the other women shoppers gawking at you (or watching you but pretending to not watch you) or worse, shopping with a buddy and having to put up with his comments.

Here are the rules for a guy buying lingerie as a gift at an online store:

  1. Purchasing lingerie as a gift, whether you’ve been dating for weeks or married for years, you’ll be moving the intimacy level of your relationship to a new high. Are you ready for this huge step?
  2. Understand what she will wear and what she won’t. Don’t be ordering that peek-a-boo bra if she won’t wear it! You’re better off going for a more covering (conservative) piece of lingerie that something more risqué that may make her uncomfortable.
  3. Get the sizing right! If you have to guess because you’re not able to peek at her sizes, go small instead of large. A little bit of getting her a size to small, maybe to squeeze into, is a whole lot better than getting a size or two too big, she’ll not easily forgive you for thinking her larger than she is.
  4. It’s lingerie! Keep that in mind! If the gift is appreciated she will model it and wear it for you almost immediately, or at least later that night. Unless you have the patience of the gods, and nimble fingers, don’t order her anything with a lot of laces to tie or multiple straps that will need the both of you to fasten.
  5. Robes are a definite no-no! A robe doesn’t count as an intimate lingerie gift. Let the children get her a robe, you should concentrate on the real lingerie items, and in sets!
  6. Read and understand the shipping and return rules for the online store and the particular items that you order! Should the gift be accepted with whole-hearted appreciation from her you’ll want to order from there again. Should the size, color or anything else be wrong you’ll want to be prepared with what to do next and comfort her with your knowledgeable solution to the problem. And you absolutely need to know when and how the lingerie will be delivered to you or sent to her directly as a gift. You’re not allowed to be late with gifts, don’t get the delivery day wrong and be late.
  7. Should the online lingerie store offer gift wrapping, order it! After all, you won’t know if the size is right, what color would be best, and you don’t want to have the lingerie delivered unwrapped and have to fumble over the box wrapping it if you don’t have to. Also, if offered by the online lingerie store, get the gift receipt too. She may love what you chose but want to exchange it anyways for something else and a gift receipt makes an exchange easier for her and will be packaged inside the wrapped gift box so you don’t have to remember if you printed out the receipt and where you put it.
Follow these seven simple rules for buying lingerie as a gift for your girlfriend, lover, wife or partner and you’ll have a very nice return gift as well. And you just might end up with some Tarzan-style jockeys down the road!

When asked about the “Seven Rules” Robert Lee, editor of answered, “Guys have a hard enough time understanding women, even more so at gift giving time. Knowing what is expected of such an intimate gift as lingerie, and how to go about the getting of the gift with the least amount of stress, makes life a lot easier for a lot of men.

“Online shopping makes a lingerie purchase a lot less embarrassing for men but they still need to know what a woman anticipates in receiving this type of gift.



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