Guys's guide to buying lingerie

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Guys's guide to buying lingerie

Guys - let's face it. We don't know the first thing about buying a bra and panties. And it's awkward to walk into Victoria's Secret and have the staff loudly point: "Well, if you don't know her bra size, how does she compare to that sales person there?" Before fumbling around in her drawers to find her size, read's lingerie buying guide and get savvy. It's not just for wedding night - this guide will help you buy your wife lingerie at key moment in your romantic life together.

Wedding Day Lingerie
After you've said "I do," and your eyes have adjusted from all the camera flashes, you've danced until you almost dropped, and you've brushed off (almost) all of the confetti, you and your new wife will finally be alone again. This is your own private after-party, and although she may be a missus, your bride deserves to look just as amazing between the sheets as she did at the altar. But finding the perfect number for your spanking-new bride can be just as trying as picking out an engagement ring. has a few helpful hints for finding the right little garment that will be just as pleasing to her as it is for you, and won't make too much of a dent in your wedding budget.

The Bridal Shower
Grooms should know that, traditionally, the maid of honor will buy the bride an outfit for wedding night. However, this gift doesn't show up at every bridal shower. A groom whose bride has already received lingerie can save his purchase for the first night of the honeymoon or first anniversary.

"But it looked so good on Naomi Campbell..."

Yes, this is a mistake many guys will make more than once before they learn what really suits the woman who will be wearing this practically non-existent gift.

No matter how amazing that corset looks on the model (and take a second and third look to determine if it's even the corset or just Gisele wearing anything), this gift will be a huge disappointment if it turns out to be all wrong for your bide. If your fiancée's figure is similar to one of the models on the lingerie site or in the catalogue, you will have a much better shot at finding something that at least fits her well. If not, you will have to rely on your memory of the lingerie she already has and likes to determine what will work. 

Does it have to be white?
Just because this is your wedding night, don't feel pressured to spring for something white and lacey if it reminds you of your grandmother's valances. (ed. - This is just as much a gift for you as it is for her). Take a look at her current lingerie collection (or at least bras and panties) and try to pick up on repeat colors. You can't go wrong with a color you know she loves. If blue is the color, this can be her "something blue"...and white hot to boot.

All women look absolutely amazing in white or black lingerie. We don't know exactly why, but all men will agree. There's something very pure about white - it's lingerie that both covers and highlights some of the best features of a woman. There's something incredibly sexy about black that makes a man just want to admire his wife. Black, of course, is also very slimming.

If you want to venture out into colors, keep in mind that some colors do better on certain hair colors. For example, blondes generally will look better in lighter colors, whereas a brunette can handle purples, darker greens or reds. Further, a redhead will do well in darker colors (and can look ravishing in brown).

Bra sizes and how to figure them out
Bra sizes are based on your girl's rib cage and bust size. A woman will likely have been properly measured if she owns several bras. Without getting into the details, the bra size (you know...34C etc.) is a combination of the size of her rib cage (band size) and the difference in size between her rib cage and bust size. That's where the number and letter combination comes from. Now, a guy is thinking, "Do I have to measure her?" The answer, mercifully, is no. Take a discreet look through the lingerie you future bride owns and make a note of all of her sizes. She may have bra sizes that are different cup sizes.

In that case, it's very easy. Ask her! And in fact, for a really sexy time, ask her which bras she really likes, and what the sizes are. Now, you may be giving away exactly why you want to know, but she'll play along anyway. Your wife will love the interest that you are taking. Read on.

Bra and Panties/Thong sizes
A sexy bra and panties set is a classic for a reason. Try to find a non-cotton comparison, if possible, so that you can most closely match the style of lingerie you'll be giving her. Most lingerie is silk, satin, lace or nylon. The sizes you're looking for are XS to XL. If you are rifling through her drawer and find several Victoria's Secret panties that are the same size, that's her size at that particular store. Lingerie sizes can vary between merchants. When in doubt, take the average size.

A Slip
No, these aren't a relic of the fifties. If your fiancée likes them, and you like her in them, slips are one of the easiest to shop for, and most comfortable to wear. You're generally looking to match her most fitted tank top of t-shirt size: XS-XL. If the slip has a built in bra or under wire, you'll need to go by her bra size.

Corset and Bustier
Very daring, very Moulin Rouge. This lingerie will defy gravity. But be forewarned: sizing can be tricky. You are looking for her bust, waist and hip measurements to get the best fit. Some grooms might shy away from a corset or bustier for this reason, unless they can find a way to surreptitiously take the measurements. So, in this case, suggests that you gently ask her to get herself fitted in something really special!

If you're really unsure, you could order two or three different pieces and compare them to lingerie she already has when they arrive. You'll want to order about four to six weeks before the wedding in case you need to make returns.

How much to spend
It may seem too obvious, but look for sales. There are usually sale signs in store windows, but even if the windows are bare, ask inside if there's a sale area. It's much better to buy quality lingerie at a discounted price than cheap lingerie at full retail. (ed. -We trust the woman who wrote this guide!) Fabrics such as silk and satin tend to be pricier, but you're going to want to get something other than cotton for this occasion.

Depending on your budget, you should look to spend between $60-$100 on a nice bra. Be sure to let the salesclerk know that this is what your looking for and also let them know your budget before they take you for an uncomfortable stroll down million-dollar lane.

Before making your purchase, ask the store about their return policy. Chances are, she'll love the gift and she'll be way too excited by the gesture to think of turning it down, but once she's worn it, it can't be returned. If she ends up saying "'s the thought that counts", you'll need to know that she can at least return the gift for store credit.

Where to go suggests springing for something a step up from Victoria's Secret this time. Sure, these guys have made their mark as the McDonald's of lingerie, but most women shop here because it's ubiquitous and affordable. A gift from you to her should be a bit more special and should be something that will last. Do some research for local boutiques and department stores in your area, and check out the online scene as well. If you're feeling clueless, local salesclerks can be very helpful if you go in knowing your bride's exact size and taste. Online sales reps can definitely help, but there's only so much they can do without you there.

Brands to look for:

  1. Aubade
  2. Natori
  3. D&G Intimates
  4. Hanky Panky
  5. Chantelle
  6. La Perla (expensive, but highly regarded)

Where the wild things...aren't
This is your first night as a married couple. Happiness should be at an all-time high. A leopard print bodysuit could ruin the mood if she's not into it. Go for something sexy, but safe enough to avoid any unnecessary laughter. Hopefully you know by now what she likes and what makes her look gorgeous. You can save the leopard print for your third wedding anniversary or a weekend in Maine.




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