How to Be an Attractive Woman

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How to Be an Attractive Woman

The power of attraction is a very useful thing. There is a common misconception that physical appearance completely determines attractiveness, but this is simply not true. If you want people to be drawn to you, there are a variety of things you can do as a woman that will have others flocking to you in time.

  1. Love yourself. You can be pretty but still unattractive if you don't start to love yourself. Nobody will care how shiny and thick your hair is, for example, if you keep complaining about your waist size. Confidence is a powerful attractant, so you need to learn how to be confident. 
  2. Be distinctly you. Be yourself. If you ever observe people at a party or any social gathering, you'll always see the majority of guys drawn to women with unique (but not intimidating) personalities. It's never a plain Jane, following the herd, who they all gravitate to, now is it? So ask yourself, is there anything you could improve about your personality or who you are to make yourself more interesting and fun to talk to? 
  3. Be healthy. Eyes take kindly to a woman who takes care of herself, and that means finding a happy medium for your weight, eating well, getting enough sleep and exercising. Plus, being healthy makes you more energetic, as well as adding to your confidence--who can resist that? 
  4. Take care of your skin. Blemishes (especially on your face) can be very distracting. Wear sun block daily to prevent future wrinkles and sunspots. Wash your face regularly, and apply makeup to accentuate your complexion. 
  5. Be hygienic. Maintain yourself so that you always smell and look fresh and lovely. Take showers, brush your teeth after every meal, wear clean clothes, etc. 
  6. Keep your hair healthy and styled. They say that the hair is the portrait of the face, so it has to look great. Greasy or damaged hair is always unattractive. Always comb and brush your hair very well, every day. Get a haircut or style that fits your facial shape. 
  7. Be nice. A rude person turns ugly in the eyes of whoever sees her, but a nice person turns into a prettier person in the eyes of everyone who sees her. Try to be nice to everyone, but know to defend yourself against any rude attitudes, since letting people walk all over you is not very attractive, now is it? 
  8. Smile. Don't walk around all the time with a frown or even a neutral expression on your face. Even a little smile will make you more attractive. What else could be more inviting and approachable? All in all, be readable. You don't have to be predictable, but for goodness sake, do not keep a poker face when it comes to emotions. Guys do not like to feel unsure. As bad as it is asking for directions, asking a woman how she feels can be dangerous! This is why so many guys won't do it if they can't already tell if a girl is into them or not. 
  9. Be willing to participate. Whether it's talking, eating, gaming, dancing, or snorkeling, it's only polite to join in. A person who just sits there watching might as well be wearing a flashing neon sign that says "I'm a boring person who doesn't like fun!" However, this does NOT mean you should join in drinking or partying if you're not into those things. To get involved walk kindly up to them and ask, "Do you mind if I could join you?" if they say yes have fun! If they say no then that would usually means that they are mean and not very 'open'. Try to avoid people who don't even notice you or are excessively mean to you for no reason. If the group/they say no try to find some other people to try to be friends with. 
  10. Be capable of carrying on a conversation. You don't necessarily have to have something in common with a guy for him to take interest in you but if he tries to talk to you and you just stand there, he's going to move on. A good conversation starter is to ask his opinion about something superficial, such as whether INXS picked the right guy or if the nice weather will hold out through the weekend. Important: avoid asking for input about your looks, such as your outfit or your hair. 

Keep the conversation light. Above all don't put yourself down, it's a huge turnoff. 


  • Don't change your looks to please people, change your looks to please yourself. 
  • Show acceptance. Every person wants to be accepted fully for who he or she is. Remember the old saying, "Women marry men thinking they'll change and they don't, and men marry women thinking they won't change and they do." 


  • Don't be shallow. When looking for a serious relationship, girls want to find a partner who is interested in them for reasons other than looks. Believe it or not, the same goes for guys. At least for guys who are worth more than ten minutes of your time. 
  • DO NOT EXPOSE YOURSELF TOO MUCH. Guys might like what you wear but they will not respect you. 
  • Do NOT copy other people. You need to be completely yourself. 
  • Do not over do your beliefs and looks, because you will make it too obvious and it will be unattractive.





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