How to Look Like Rihanna

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How to Look Like Rihanna

So, you love Rihanna's style and think you could do with a few tips? You're at the right place then. With much thanks to her personal stylist, Rihanna has a unique and trendy style that many people, fans and foes alike, find interesting. But we don't all have her crew of stylists right behind us waiting for us to place our order, so here are a few tips to help you get that Rihanna look.


  1. Right hand on the hip. Whether it is during a photoshoot or just getting papped in the street, Rihanna is nearly always spotted in this position. This position is frequently used by many models and celebrities, and gives an illusion of a toned arm and well balanced body figure. Great if your body is slightly disproportioned.
  2. Rihanna, during her Music Of The Sun days, always took loose denim to the next level, whether dressed up with a cropped blazer or paired with a pair of funky Chuck Taylor All Star Converse. Rihanna absolutely adored this style of denim, and is cool on a nice warm day for a young, fresher look.
  3. If you know Rihanna well, then you know she's proud of her Bajan roots. She's very patriotic, and wanted to give the world a taste of the Caribbean. Think fun, laid back and quirky, like many Bajans.
  4. The clothing of choice for Rihanna during her Girl Like Me days were those adorable short shorts. Rihanna was seen wearing a variety of short shorts in different styles and colours at many places. One of the most famous was when performing SOS live at MTV. A cute look but only really can be pulled off if you have a slim figure and nice lean legs.
  5. There are two hair styles that Rihanna have made famous since hitting the spotlight, the light brown weave, and her more recently famous, the short black asymmetrical bob with purple highlights. Rihanna's Good Girl Gone Bad days have seen her come into a completely different era with her hair, ditching the blonde weave (sometimes wavy, sometimes worn long, straight and lustrous) into a sexy, choppy bob that many people, fans and fellow celebs alike (recently including Keisha from British R&B group Sugababes), seem to wish they had thought of first, and have copied the style. Either hairstyle will work, however, if you already have long, thick hair and want to copy Rihanna's weaved look, you may not need to actually get the weave done, just a good bottle of colour and regular trips to the salon will help you achieve the look. Remember, though, bobs are very high maintenance and usually cannot be worn as a 'wash and go' hairstyle, unless your hair is dead straight, especially if you get a fringe (bangs) aswell. Plus, both these styles need commitment and looking after or they start looking cheap and tatty after a while, so you may need to consider costs and effort first. Good luck!
  6. Rihanna has a flawless complection, especially in the summer. Using products such as ProActive Formula works by clearing out your pores and making your skin tone more even. Using this with a good foundation and a hint of bronzer will quickly give you that youthful, delicate glow that Rihanna has spent years achieving under the Caribbean sun. If your skin is the same shade as Rihanna's, a sworthy honey colour that darkens in summer, then count yourself blessed, as half the work is done. If you have light / porcelain colored skin, it is good to use a moisturizer that has a hint of self-tan. Using this every day will build up a nice tan for you to work with. You can also get less greasier versions for your face. If your skin is too dark, you can get creams which lighten skin as well.. Get a foundation that matches your skin color AT THE TIME YOU ARE BUYING IT, don't insist on doing what a lot of women do, buying that color that you can only really wear after a week in Spain. It doesn't improve your look. It makes you look like a pumpkin. I recommend you get your skin tested every time you buy a new foundation and mark the month of the year on it. This way you will know what shade to wear every month and never have a foundation disaster again. Rihanna's face is an oval shape with soft, full features, she has a curved forehead (a sign of fertility and intelligence), light green eyes which turn more brown in certain lights, a button nose, cute dimples and full lips. If you just read this and thought you don't have a hope, don't worry, a lot of these looks can be achieved with make-up. To make your face appear more oval, apply bronzer round your hairline, and to make your nose appear wider apply a small amount of bronzer to either side of your nose. Green eyes can be faked with good coloured contacts (ask your optician), however if you don't like the idea wearing green eye make-up looks beautiful of any eye colour as long as it is done subtly. For fullep lips, get a lipliner the exact same colour as your lips and apply, not too thickly, around your actual lipline, yes you heard me, not AROUND your lipline, ON your lipline. Apply lipgloss lightly. Do Not put on layers and layers.
  7. Decide to pick a look to base yourself on. Either the young, energetic dancehall teen look, or the feisty, edgier look. For the teen look, think Converse, baggy jeans, cropped tops showing off that tanned belly button, sequins, sparkles, but not too much pink. Also, in the summer a must-have is a nice bikini worn with a simple exotic skirt and a big, beamy smile. For a more edgy Rihanna look, try killer heels, leopard print, purple highlights, bright colours, cropped tops showing off that cute tattoo on your hip, and liquid eyeliner at the ready, girls! It doesn't matter which look you prefer, because both have been made famous by Rihanna.
  8. To have Rihanna's attitude and personality, try to always keep your cool, and if you don't like something, try to laugh it off. Copy that Bajan charm and persona. People will think you are sweet. Always be armed with a cute, warm smile and a happy glint in the eye and don't be ashamed of your heritage! Talk about your past and how you have embraced it to make you a stronger person and how you won't let other people's mistakes influence you, and that you have learned from them. If you have a boring name, use another name to make you sound more interesting. But don't change it to Rihanna. That would be freaky.
  9. Never wear the same thing twice. Rihanna has never done this!


  • Just remember, you can never actually be Rihanna, so don't try to make yourself into her. Instead, try adding small elements of her style and persona into your own style and persona that you already have. This will make you seem less obsessed and more inspired. Plus, out of the tips above, I recommend only using a few at a time, or she may see you one day and run. Then you will wonder why she never returns to your city again on her next tour. (Joke!)
  • Get your hair done every other week.You see Rihanna with a lot of different hairdos a lot.Obly get your hair cut like once every 6 months.


  • People may get annoyed if all you do is brag on about Rihanna, so yeah while you can be a fan and incorporate part of your style into your own just remember that you are not her, you are you, and you should be proud. After all, she hasn't copied anyone, she is proud to be Rihanna, because that is who she is! And she changed her style to a completely different, unique one after people said she was trying to copy Beyonce. (This, however, was not the actual reason for her changing her style, though) So be individual.
  • Be an individual. Don't COMPLETELY be like her. Be you! Be your own person and be proud that you are you.




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