How to Be a Sixties Girl

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How to Be a Sixties Girl


You've always been love-struck by the sixties and wish you could be more like those sixties girls with the perfect hair, sweet smiles and nights out at the drive-in theatre... Well with a little help to get started, you may find the sixties girl within you blossom!


  1. Get the clothes. The sorts of clothes appropriate to the 1960s include:
    • Small scarves around your neck over a cardigan sweater (preferably on backwards, so it buttons down the back).
    • Tight black skirts with slits up the back or sides, just above the knees.
    • Plain or Black nylons with garter belts and flat black shoes or penny loafers.
    • Blazers and plaid skirts, pleated skirts, gathered skirts with crinolines (under skirts that made them full, but not too full, that was the 50's).
    • White blouses.
  2. Wear fishnet stockings.
  3. Wear mini skirts.
  4. Wear A-Line dresses with wild flower patterns. Remember flower power was "in".
  5. Wear paper dresses.
  6. Purchase or make love beads. Wear them with a pair of hip huggers and sandals for the hippie look.
  7. Wear head bands.
  8. Embroider jeans or vests. Wear them. The peace symbol was very popular.
  9. Letter sweaters from your "jock" boyfriend and always a "friendship" or class ring around your neck hanging on a gold chain.
  10. Get the hairstyle. Bouffants were quite popular among the older women, while teens girls preferred sleek straight hair and head-bands.
    • The Bouffant is much easier to tackle with shorter hair (shoulder length). See How to Tease Your Hair for help on achieving the bouffant.
    • Many women also imitated Jackie Kennedy's hairstyle with her hair softly brushing her shoulders and flipping up at the end under a pillbox hat. Use a straightening or curling iron to flip up the ends of your hair if you do choose this look.
  11. Use make-up:
    • For eyes: These will be your most accented asset. Apply a white translucent base as eyes hadow, filling the crease with a dark shade eye-shadow. Line the top lash line with black liquid liner, make it slightly thicker on the outer corner and finish with thick mascara or false lashes.
    • Use liquid foundation and powder to achieve perfect porcelain skin with little or very light pink blush.
    • nude lips!
  12. Know popular terms used in the sixties such as:
    • "a gas"- A blast or a good time.
    • "bag"- Often referred to stealing.
    • "ape"- Going ballistic or becoming irate over a situation.
    • "Far out"- Excellent, cool, great.
    • "Hacked"- Mad, furious, upset.
    • "Heat"- Cops/police.
    • "Bookin'"- Going very fast, as in a car.
    • "Cat"- A guy.
    • "Square"- An uncool type of person.
    • "bouffant" (any poofy hairstyle).
  13. Listen to popular music of the sixties. "The Beatles," "The Monkees," "The Rolling Stones," "Lowrider Oldies," and "The Archies" will get you going in the right direction!
  14. Familiarize yourself with at least four sixties-inspired films: To Kill a Mockingbird, Breakfast at Tiffany's, The Pink Panther, and My Fair Lady.


  • Every sixties girl did Pin-Curls once in a while!


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