How to Apply Glitter Eye Makeup

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How to Apply Glitter Eye Makeup


Whether you want subtle, playful glitter or more serious sparkle, there is a solution on the market for you. Cosmetics companies now have a wide variety of choices that don't automatically lead to the disco diva look. Outside of elaborate blending and contouring, here are a few ways to give yourself glitzy, glittery eyes.

  1. Use glitter as an eyeliner. Glitter eye pencils, which come in a variety of colors, make this an easy task. You can either wear glitter eyeliner alone or with a more conventional eyeliner. To do this, gently trace the glitter pencil over an existing line, or line with glitter before following up with a more solid color worked into the lash lines for subtle eye definition.

  2. Amplify your look with glitter as a highlighter. A touch of glitter gel to both the inner and outer corners of eyes creates a wearable fantasy look for more whimsical personalities or perhaps a party.

  3. Glitter eye gel  Wear glitter all over your lid. From lash line to crease, you can sport either a glitter eye shadow gel, which needs no extra product to help it adhere, or the glitter eye pencil from Step 1.

  4. Create your own blend. If you have a loose glitter product for the face and eyes that you want to try, get it to stick with the assistance of a cream to powder eye shadow. On a palette, blend some of the glitter with the eye shadow so that you are merging the two into one. Using a small synthetic brush, press your creation on from lash line to crease. The stippling motion helps it to adhere better than if you were to use a blending stroke.

  5. Use glitter as a finishing touch. After applying your mascara, touch a brush lightly dipped in the glitter powder of your choice to the tips of your still-wet lashes. Take a medium-size fluffy brush after a few moments and sweep over your under-eye area to eliminate product fallout.


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