How to Apply Loose Glitter on Eyes

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How to Apply Loose Glitter on Eyes


You may be wondering why anyone would want to go to the trouble of applying loose glitter when glitter gels and pencils can effortlessly be used on their own, without the potential of product fallout. If you own a jar of loose glitter in an attractive color, however, you could very well be on the lookout for a miracle product or technique to hold the sparkles in place. Look no further. After you try these tips, you won't be wasting any containers of loose glitter that were passed on to you by someone who had no idea how to use them.

  1. Begin with clean, dry eyelids. Prep your lids with foundation and eye makeup primer for makeup that will last.

  2. Apply an eye shadow base, such as a vanilla pigment or eye shadow, from the lash line to the brow bone. From here, proceed using the technique that works best for you.

  3. Mix a sprinkling of loose glitter with a crème-based eye shadow on an artist's palette. You may select one in a flesh tone if you want the glitter to be more noticed then the eye shadow. Otherwise, choose one in a color that complements that of the glitter to create an entirely new eye shadow. With a small synthetic brush--such as the one you use to apply under eye concealed--smooth the glitter-infused eye shadow on your lids. The crème formulation acts as an adhesive.

  4. Purchase a cosmetic fixative that's safe to use on the eye area. These are usually clear, and can be layered over previously applied makeup without upsetting it. Mix the fixative with loose glitter on an artist's palette before dabbing it over the previously applied eye shadow. This is an ideal method if the loose glitter is not the focus of your eye makeup, but a mere enhancing factor. This technique is also useful for creating a glitter eyeliner and for coating the tips of eyelashes with glitter.

  5. Layer a thick coat of translucent powder under each eye to catch product fallout. You may need some assistance with this step, since you will have to close your eyes to get the glitter to adhere properly. Press loose glitter where you want it on your eyelid, using either a pointy concealed brush or an eye shadow brush with a flat head for precision. Spray a liquid sealer mist directly where you need it. This will set the glitter firmly in place. Sweep the translucent powder from the under eye area with a large fluffy brush.


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