How to Apply Shimmer Eye Shadow

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How to Apply Shimmer Eye Shadow


A little bit of shimmer placed in the proper spots can make your whole face sparkle. You do not need to apply glitter from head to toe to get in on this fashion look. On the contrary. Too much glitter or shimmer can make you look older then you actually are. No one wants that when they are applying their makeup. You can use a minimal amount of shimmer eye shadow to wake up your beauty regime.

It is Time to Shine

  1. Apply your usual eye shadow with the same technique that you usually do. This will give you a base to build upon when you apply your shimmer eye shadow.

  2. Gently load the small eye shadow brush with the shimmer eye shadow that you will be using. Blow lightly on the brush to remove any excess powder that may be on the brush.

  3. Sweep the brush directly under your eyebrow where it naturally arches. This will give a great highlight to the shape of your eyebrows. Repeat this step with the other eye.

  4. Load the eye shadow brush with more shimmer eye shadow. Blow off the excess powder before continuing. You want to make sure there is very little shimmer on the brush so that it does not cake when it is applied.

  5. Tap the brush on the inner corner of the eye once. This will give the slightest hint of shimmer to your eyes. Repeat this step with the other eye.





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