The Hottest Cuts Volume II

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The Hottest Cuts Volume II


Cate Blanchett 

Anyone aiming to make fine hair look fuller should check out this cut—which requires a few cheek-length layers around the face, and very little else. "Ask for very blunt ends all the way around and a few face-framing pieces in front that start just below the eyebrows," says hairstylist Chris McMillan of Chris McMillan, The Salon in Beverly Hills.

Hilary Swank 

This cut proves that opposites attract. "The soft, textured feel perfectly balances strong features like Hilary's," says hairstylist Garren of the Garren New York salon. "Ask for a choppy, textured cut that's about ten inches long with layers that start at ear length and go all the way around the head—that means no bangs, and no face-framing pieces." One warning: "This cut will make fine hair look scraggly, so if that's what you have, stick with something more blunt," he says.

Catherine Zeta-Jones 

If you have wavy or curly hair, this is the best cut to keep from looking like Little Orphan Annie. Simply tell your stylist that you'd like "a bell-shaped, shoulder-length cut with long layers," says Babaii. "The layers should start mid-neck, and there shouldn't be any short pieces anywhere. It's meant to look sleeker on top and bouncy on the ends."

Kerry Washington 

"If you're between styles, this bob gives hair that's a variety of lengths some shape," says Paul. "Ask for a soft, side-parted bob that is longer in the front and graduated in the back. It should also be slightly asymmetrical, and the heavier side should be layered all over so it doesn't feel too block-like." As a general rule, make sure the layers aren't shorter than cheekbone-length. "On textured hair, lots of short pieces can be hard to manage," he says.

Naomi Watts 

Naomi Watts's layered cut is ideal for those with natural waves. It has slightly graduated layers, with the longest one in the front, says Garren. "It's all in the way you style it—use a medium-barrel curling iron to create soft waves from the crown to the ends."


She took a risk with this deconstructed pixie—but Rihanna's gotten nothing but rave reviews from day one. "This is the perfect cut for someone who's a little edgy and isn't afraid to stand out," says hairstylist Jimmy Paul of the Bumble and Bumble salon in New York City. "The back and sides should be boy-short and layered to the head, the top should be heavily layered and full, and the front bang section should be eye-length and very choppy. It isn't meant to look perfect."

Victoria Beckham 

If you want to play up your eyes and cheekbones—and you're brave—try Beckham's short pixie. It flatters heart- or oval-shaped faces, but not round ones, says hairstylist Garren of the Garren New York salon, who gave her this cut. "It can be worn on or off the face," he says. "Ask your stylist to make it very feminine, and shaggy at the neckline with short, piecey bangs. The shortest bangs should be one inch long over your forehead. Work a light silicone pomade through your hair, using your hands, for definition." Hair Styling Kit (pink tattoo)
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