The Hottest Cuts Volume IV

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The Hottest Cuts Volume IV


Keira Knightley 

Knightley's long bangs are pure A-lister material: According to hairstylist Chris McMillan of Chris McMillan, The Salon in Beverly Hills, they require weekly trims. But can non-A-listers make them work? In a word, yes. Ask your stylist to cut blunt bangs to the bridge of your nose. Then, at home, blow-dry them with a round brush, curling them under to give your fringe a mini lift. "Then you can trim them every two weeks," McMillan says. "As for the rest of your cut, tell your stylist you want layers from the chin down, so the bangs are more prominent."

Taylor Momsen 

This updated shag reminds us a little of Jane Fonda's style in Klute. It works best with medium to fine hair, and the platinum color makes it that much edgier, says hairstylist Garren of the Garren New York salon. "The bangs accentuate the eyes—and can be worn split down the middle or swept to the side," he says. "Ask for a medium-length shag with long sides, layered all over and with fringy bangs, cut with a combination of scissors and a razor."

Katy Perry 

Blunt bangs make any haircut instantly cooler. The most flattering length, according to hairstylist Chris McMillan of Chris McMillan, The Salon in Beverly Hills, hits that tiny zone between the brows and the eyelashes (a.k.a. the brow bone). Only rock stars or very daring types should go as short as Katy Perry. Be sure you have well-groomed brows, since short bangs put the focus on them; and only snip if you have straight or slightly wavy hair. "If your hair is curly, you'll end up looking like Kathy Griffin," McMillan warns.

Rachel Bilson 

These heavy bangs are the perfect way to draw attention to amazing eyes or cheekbones—and since they're not completely blunt, they work if your hair is straight or slightly wavy. Ask for "thick, rounded, eyelash-length, and completely blunt bangs with absolutely no tapering around the face, plus a few long layers in the rest of the hair," says McMillan. 

Nicole Richie 

"This is a great style for people who don't want to spend on their hair but still want it to look stylish," says McMillan. "Just ask for lots of face-framing layers—they shouldn't be shorter than the cheekbones—and minimal layering in the back. And if your hair is very thick, cut into the ends to lighten it up a bit."

Penélope Cruz 

"Thick, softly layered bangs worn on the side" are ideal for slightly wavy hair, says Hershberger. Be sure to keep all other layers long, or the style will look too shaggy.

Kate Moss 

This long, loose shag is perfect for anyone who likes to change her hairstyle as frequently as her nail-polish color. Tell your stylist that you'd like "a cut that looks like you've been growing out your bangs," says LeCompte. "Make sure it's heavily layered from your cheekbones to the ends all the way around your head. That way, a new look is as simple as changing the placement of your part or the direction of your fringe."  Herstyler- Hair Styling Kit (pink tattoo)

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