The Hottest Cuts Volume VI

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The Hottest Cuts Volume VI


Amanda Seyfried 
Time to throw away your flatiron? Maybe. Because "this cut is great for thick hair," says hairstylist Chris McMillan of Chris McMillan, The Salon in Beverly Hills. "Ask for long layers from the chin down." Work a smoothing serum through the ends and let hair air-dry. Then use a medium-barrel curling iron to create soft curls starting at the crown, spritz a saltwater spray to keep the waves in place, and comb out the hair for a loose look.

Whitney Port 
Now that Whitney has officially left The Hills, she's embracing smoother waves fit for The City. The key to her polished style: "Invisible layers," says hairstylist Chris McMillan of Chris McMillan, The Salon in Beverly Hills. "Ask for long ones," he says. "The shortest layers should be at the chin, and they should be graduated longer toward the back." Then cut a few soft layers at the crown to add height and a sexy appeal."

Nicole Kidman 
"Her cut is perfect for very curly hair because the shortest layers aren't too short, which means your hair won't be too poufy," says Jimmy Paul. "Ask for light layers all over the head that start at the collarbone."

Sarah Jessica Parker 
"This cut is great for curly hair because it helps support the coils and keeps them looking as long and full as possible," says McMillan. Ask for long layers around the head.

Leighton Meester 
Think of this haircut as death by chocolate—layer upon layer upon layer. "Ask your stylist to create three different levels—with the first one starting at the lower lip, the second one at the collarbone, and the last one falling at the breast," says Hershberger. "To keep it from looking too graduated, cut long layers into each section so they all blend together." 

Jessica Alba 
Alba's tumble of waves looks so effortless, it seems strange to call it a haircut. But her hair does requires a few strategic snips keep it from looking like a big, wavy triangle. "Ask for a few long layers all the way around your head as well as some mid-length pieces in the front," says LeCompte. "It doesn't have to be choppy, but it should be a bit broken up. Otherwise, it could look like a wig." 

Eva Mendes 
"This style is a good example of how to cut very thick hair as simply as possible," says Hershberger. "Ask your stylist to make it the same length all around, and then have her add very subtle layers to the ends to keep it from looking stiff and heavy." 



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