This Weekend Look

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This Weekend Look


Whether you're off on holiday or simply looking for a new weekend look, constructing your summer wardrobe this season is a breeze.

Pick one of the season's key trends as your starting point - floral prints and peasant chic, stripes, nautical chic or Flamenco style are all the hottest looks of the moment.

If you fancy a flowery look there's a field of flowers on display on the high street all worthy of a place at the Chelsea Flower Show.
Try sweet little posies printed or embroidered on a floaty blouse paired with jeans at the weekend and worn under a linen suit to the office.

A floral dress is just the ticket for most occasions from a picnic in the park to a wedding - wear cotton or linen in the day and silk at night. We particularly like those to be found in Wallis

Stripes are a flattering look on most ages but make sure yours are pointing in the right direction!

Horizontal stripes have a widening effect but curiously a navy and white Breton top is very slimming on a larger bust.. Also try vertical striped trousers for their magical leg lengthening effect too, but not all in one go!

Stripes fit into the nautical look too. The key colours are red, white and navy with splashes of black.

White trousers are a fresh idea when the temperature heats up - pair them with a striped navy top or a classic white T-shirt and a pair of canvas plimsolls.

That white T-shirt will also work well with jeans - pair it with some flat leather thongs for easy weekend style.

Infuse your wardrobe with a flavour of the flamenco look for a fashionable way to update your look. A frilled neckline makes a pretty detail while a slashed frilled hemline is pure sex appeal!

For chic beachwear think classic white, black or Pucci-inspired prints. Blues and pinks look great with a tan, but go with whatever colour suits your complexion best.

Kaftans made a return to the catwalk and they look great on the high street too. A floaty chiffon kaftan is the perfect cover-up for the beach or try a linen one worn over wide-leg trousers or capri pants.

For shoes think ethnic-styled flip flops in leather and canvas. Heels are great for the evening but stick to flats for the days.

To the Maxi!
Last night I was rather unceremoniously invited to a wedding -- that is, the invite came secondhand, via boyfriend, which he himself received via telephone. Sometimes that's just how boys do it, I guess. "Hey, I'm getting married in six weeks. You're coming, right?" Nevermind that it's a holiday weekend and people might already have plans. Anyway, I'm excited, because I do love a good wedding, and this one is taking place in Central Park's Conservatory Garden (reception I dunno where). And so I've been thinking, of course, of what to wear. And for some reason I'm drawn to maxi dresses, the longer and printier the better. Follow me on my Internet trail of tears (because frankly, I can't afford most of these bitches), won't you? 

Foley dress 
The dress that started me on this quest. Actually, of course, I've been mulling the Forever 21 knockoff, but of course it's now unavailable online. Maybe a store still has it?

This stunning silk number by Single Dress looks like it would make you feel like the belle of the ball. (for bucks-y belles only). 

This stunning silk number by Single Dress looks like it would make you feel like the belle of the ball. (for bucks-y belles only). 

Laundry by Shelli Segal chiffon halter dress, It almost looks like those are psychedelic zebras swirling around her dress. Fantastic, but only for the bosom-free.

I don't really love this, but it has kind of an eye-popping print. Trixxi dress, . Uh, perhaps you get what you pay for when it comes to maxi dresses?

 Ah, finally, an affordable AND cute option: Kimchi & Blue silk ruffle dress, (Uh, after you try it on...) UPDATE: The dress is now on sale online.




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