How to Get the Layered Look for Girls

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How to Get the Layered Look for Girls


Girls look adorable in shrugs, scarves, camis, and other great layering pieces. Kids love using layering to express their personalities. Try not to get too matchy-matchy with her layers; kids are combining patterns and solids that don't match, but rather go together in style and feel. Learn what items are the layering must-haves of the season and how best to wear them.

Shrugs are small, cropped sweaters that look great over tees, camis, tank tops and more. For girls, choose shrugs that are embellished for a bit of the bling-factor or made from soft, snugly fabrics that will keep her warm and cozy all day long.

Ponchos and Capelets
A poncho is a garment that goes over the neck, has no sleeves and is usually hooded. Most ponchos are knitted. A capelet is like a poncho but it is smaller; it usually covers just the shoulders and neckline. Girls love these fun looks. Look for ponchos and capelets in chunky knits, with tassels, with embellishments, and in any color. Wear ponchos and capelets over any top.

Knit scarves will be really popular this year. Layer them with just about anything. They look great over outerwear like coats and jackets, and they also look good paired with a sweater, sans coat.

Blazers are still hot. Look for corduroy and velvet blazers that are cropped and fitted. Blazers look great paired with any top. For some extra layering, pair a blazer with a hooded sweater or sweatshirt.

Short Sleeved Top
Layer a short sleeved top over a long sleeved top.. This works great with tees. But, a more current look is pairing a short sleeved sweater over a long sleeved button-up shirt. Go tonal for a more traditional look, or spice it up with contrasting colors.

Layer thin, flowing skirt over a pair of jeans or trousers. This look is best on girls with slight figures and long legs. Or, for an easier look to pull off, wear opaque tights under skirts. Choose tights with a pattern in the knit for a more textured look. Skirts look great with boots, Mary Janes, and ballet flats.

Short Sleeved Dresses
For a fresh winter look, layer a short sleeve or sleeveless dress over a tee or turtleneck. Pull on a pair of cozy tights and toss on a blazer or zippy and voila, you've got an adorable winter outfit as well.

Sashes have taken the place of belts and look adorable tied around girls' waists. Sequined sashes and knit sashes with smatterings of metallic thread are the most popular. Also, look for sashes with tassels and fringe that add movement and a bit of fun to any outfit.

Hoodies and Zippies
Hoodies and zippies are sporty types of sweatshirts or sweaters. Zippies zip-up the front. A hoody is a sweatshirt or sweater that has a hood. Choose them in interesting fabrics such as velour, velvet and knits, and go for a variety of colors. Pair them up with tees or under jackets, blazers and coats.






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