A Gangsta Girl Look

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A Gangsta Girl Look


Gangsta wear is also commonly spotted in today’s fashion trends. Even for girls, many fashion trends, especially ones that border along the sporty, are derived from hip-hop or gangsta gangsta wear among women parallels the attire for men. influences. With more or less distinct attire that is characterized by inner city or urban flavor.

Being a gangsta girl does not depart very much from being a gangsta guy. Most of the look for gangsta guys could also apply to gangsta girls as well. For example, a sporty look can also be worn by girls and still look gangsta. One could achieve that look with wearing track suits and brightly colored jackets. Sports brands like Nike or Adidas come into mind with this look. Gangsta girl wannabes could also wear sneakers like Sketchers, Nike, Adidas, Puma and Reebok. Gangsta girls can also wear short shorts, which could go along with their sneakers and jerseys.

Gangsta girls are also very hip, and are sometimes conscious of popular brands in order to carry the look. Gangsta girls often turn to brands like Ecko, Phat Farm, Roca Wear, and the House of Dereon (Beyonce Knowles’ clothing line). Of course, this means that girls are not limited to sports wear when it comes to carrying out the gangsta look. Gangsta girls also wear jeans and shirts, but do so in a manner that is still distinctly gangsta.

Gangsta girls can also look cool by wearing accessories. Common accessories for gangsta girls include sports bags, which are now in smaller sizes, as well as having the same sling design that is easy to carry. Accessories also involve “bling blings” as well, which are oversized, shiny jewelry. Examples of “bling blings’ abound, such as oversized hoop earrings, like the ones popularized by famous rapper Missy Elliott. Other “bling blings” are watches, bracelets or necklaces. However, in contrast to classic jewelry such as elegant pearls or gems, gangsta girls tend to wear chunky gold, silver or platinum pieces.

Gangsta girls are more flexible when it comes to hairstyles. They can wear almost any hairstyle as long as it looks good in their gangsta attire. Normally though, as most gangsta girls emulate their idols, they tend to style their hair just like their idols. Common models for gangsta girl hairstyles include Mary J. Blige or Missy Elliott. Of course, gangsta girls also take care of their nails. Unlike men, gangsta girls also take time to paint their nails, and match it with their hairstyle and attire of choice.

In shopping for the perfect gangsta girl look, women do not have to necessarily burn through their pockets. While many authentic gangsta looking clothes could be found in specialty stores, even department stores like Macy’s, Dillards or JC Penney also carry some good stuff. Even sites like Ebay also offer good gangsta girl clothes at cheap, affordable prices.

Of course, gangsta girls also know how to coordinate their pieces. They just don’t wear random clothes and pair it with some jewelry. What is also notable about gangsta girl style is getting a certain look even with staples such as sports wear and bling blings. Gangsta girls often think in terms of colors and patterns, and coordinate them with some perfectly fitted bling blings, as well as bags and shoes.

Being a gangsta girl is actually easy to carry, especially if one knows how to choose and coordinate pieces, as well as get clothes that are within the range of one’s budget (while still retaining a hot look). At the same time, when one has the proper attitude in wearing clothes, one can command attention as well as look good. So, if you want to be a gangsta girl, you can try it! Style yourself a la gangsta, and carry yourself with the confidence that comes with it!





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