How to dress so that you look slimmer

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How to dress so that you look slimmer

    Looking good in the eyes of everyone is what we always dream of. Added pounds should not be a problem. For you can always look slimmer for as long as you know how to choose the right clothes that works for you. Want to lose twenty pounds lighter in twenty seconds? Camouflage is the secret. Here are some tips on how to dress-up properly to look slimmer:

Be color conscious.
Avoid wearing light colored clothes for it will only make you look bigger. Instead, use dark color shades because it will help hide your unwanted bulges. Follow the monochromatic color mix when deciding for a fashion pair but make sure that darker color shades are always situated on the body parts you wish to hide. If you are still undecided as to what color to pick, wear something black for it visually slims out everything. Just add colored jewelries for added accents.

Right choice of fabric. 
Play with the advantage of fabric. Choose the kind of fabric that is body hugging but make sure to wear the right sizes. Clothes that are too tight show your bulges and lumps, same as clothes with extra size also adds extra to your body size.

Choose fabric with vertical lines for it elongates you but be sure to go for the narrow ones. Broader lines will make you look bigger. Other prints aside from vertical lines can also be worn, just choose the right print depending on your body size. The smaller the print, the smaller you look and the bigger the prints, the more you look big.

Choose the right cuts. 
Avoid wearing clothes with ruffles, pop sleeves and front buttons for it expands you more. Instead, use pleats because it results to slender look particularly on hips. Never wear turtle neck clothes for it requires longer neck. Instead wear clothes with collar or V-cut neckline to give emphasis to your collar bone. If possible, wear single cut clothes for it makes you look taller. For taller people looks thinner than shorter ones.

Emphasize your skinny bits.
Choose clothes that will emphasize your skinny bits like the ear loaves, top of chest, collar bones, wrist and knee to ankle. Showing these off will help you look slimmer.

Work out with accessories..
Belts are advisable for it will accentuate the waistline.. The bigger the belt, the better, for it will cover the belly layers. Wear jewelry that will highlight your skinny bits like necklace that will put emphasis to your collar bone or dangling earrings that will point out your ear loaves.


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