Off Shoulder Tops For This Weekend

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Off Shoulder Tops For This Weekend


The off-shoulder top derives its name from the typical off-shoulder neck design it features. These fashionable women's tops cut across the figure almost horizontally, below the shoulders and collar bone. Off-shoulder tops are meant to accentuate the neck and shoulder of the wearer. The neckline in these tops generally pass over the arms. Also there are strapless off-shoulder tops, in which the neckline may pass under the arms.

Extremely feminine and trendy off-shoulder tops make bold style statement. For those ladies who prefer to go for an Indian look with a Western touch, these fashionable off shoulder tops are just perfect. Off-shoulder top looks great when worn with long skirts, jeans, capris and trousers. They are suitable for every occasion, be it formal or casual. In addition to that, off-shoulder tops are also suitable for gym, yoga, working out, etc.

Materials Used in Off Shoulder Tops 

  • Georgette ]
  • Chiffon 
  • Cotton 
  • Stylish Off Shoulder Tops

In order to match the current fashion trends, the design and style available with off-shoulder tops are varied. These tops are adorned with various decorative techniques to enhance their look. Various styles available with off-shoulder tops include:

Sleeve: Cool and comfortable, these off-shoulder tops are usually long sleeved. Some other sleeve styles are: 

  • Cut sleeves 
  • Elbow length sleeves 
  • Bishop sleeves with elastic cuffs 
  • Cap sleeves with gathered pull-ties 

Neckline: Off-shoulder tops usually have wide necklines. Round neck and V-neck styles are the popular ones. However, stand collar off-shoulder tops are also preferred by young girls.

Design: Off-shoulder tops come in vibrant shades and eye catching patterns. Printed designs, intricate embroidery and polka dot patterns are among the popular designs available for off-shoulder tops.

However, glitters and other embellishments make these tops suitable for party wear.

Elegant and trendy off shoulder tops are very popular among fashion conscious women and are highly demanded in international as well as domestic markets.


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