Women Look Sexy In Trousers

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Women Look Sexy In Trousers


Trousers are also known by the name of Pants in Australia, Canada, South Africa and the U.S and are sometimes called the Slacks or the Breeches.  

Trouser is an item of clothing that is worn on the lower part of the body below abdomen, covering both legs separately. Trousers were first created and designed for the male genre in the 16th century, however over the period of time, this form of apparel has become highly in vogue for the women kind also.

Essential Characteristics for Women Trousers
Length: Trousers cover the body starting from the waist and go till the top of the foot or stop anywhere from the upper thigh to the ankle. The trousers which start from the waist and stop anywhere below the knee or the calf, is called a capri.
Pockets: There could be front pockets and back pockets in trousers. Jeans are a form of trouser which have comparatively small pockets that are not so deep as the normal or general trousers. Another form of trouser called cargo, usually has a lot of pockets from all sides in it.
Pleats: Pleats are the vertical folds in the trousers made by doubling the material upon itself and then pressing and stitching them accordingly. Formal trousers have the pleats in them and jeans usually are preferred without the pleats.
Leg Shape: The trouser legs could be straight, tapered or widened around the ankles (Boot Cut). The bottom could also be thick and widened further to ba called the bell-bottoms.
Belt Loops: These may or may not be present in a trouser, depending upon the fitting of the trouser whether a belt is required or not.

Women Trousers Types

  • Ladies Capris
  • Ladies Cargo Trousers 
  • Ladies Formal Trousers 
  • Women Jeans 

Ladies Capris 
Capri are the trousers for women which start from the waist and stop anywhere between knee and calf.   These trousers are casual and very comfortable in nature. They look very attractive and trendy on a woman.
Key Attributes 

  • Highly flexible for women to carry out varied job. 
  • Low maintenance. 
  • Boot cut trousers. 
  • Front and hip pockets. 
  • Quick drying effect. 
  • Extra stretchy. 
  • Some of the women capris also come with a hint of embroidery on them.

Designer Ladies Capris

  • Tab Front Capri 
  • Twill Crop Capri 
  • Fabric Used for Ladies Capris

The making of the women capri includes a wide range of both natural and synthetic fibers.

  • Cotton 
  • Polyester 
  • Nylon 
  • Denim 
  • Spandex 
  • Rayon 

Buying Tips for Ladies Capris

  • Fabric should be such that it allows quick drying of the capris. 
  • Capris should be flexible enough to carry out varied activities. 

Design and style should demonstrate attractiveness as they are considered to be the fashion statement 
for women. 

Ladies Cargo Trousers
Ladies cargo trousers are an universal sex apparel which have been put into use for the women genre since the late 1990s. Cargo pants were initially used by the military personnel as these trousers have several pockets and were used to keep their utility goods.
Over the period of time, the cargo pants have become a tool to add on to the rising fashion trend across the globe. These in recent times, have become equally popular amongst the women to look more attractive and stylish in their dressing and appearance.

 Ladies Cargo Trousers Features
Women's cargo have several pockets in them to distinguish it from other style of trousers. 
Cargo pants are rather baggier and heavier than the usual trousers. 
Ladies Cargo Trousers Styles

  • Cargo Shorts 
  • Six Pocket Cargo 
  • Plain Front Cargo 
  • Two-Tone Cargo Shorts 
  • Fabric Used for Ladies Cargo Trousers

Women's cargo are made up of different variety of natural and synthetic fibers. 

  • Cotton 
  • Polyester
  • Poly cotton blend 

Buying Tips for Ladies Cargo Trousers
Cargo trousers should have the required number of pockets in them as they are meant for keeping utility goods.

The quality of fabric should always be kept in mind while ordering the women's cargo pants. Design and style should be of most trendy nature to meet the latest fashion demands.

Ladies Formal Trousers
Ladies formal trousers, as the name suggests, are meant for formal purposes like going to offices, formal and official parties, etc. These trousers demonstrate excellence and perfection when worn by any women of today.

Essential Characteristics
Length: These women trousers start from the waist and stops at the top or bottom of the foot. Pockets: The formal trousers for women may or may not have the pockets. The pockets are generally placed in the front part of the trouser, however in some rare trousers, you may also see pockets at the back of them.
Pleats: Women formal trousers may or may not have the pleats depending on the occasion.
Belt Loops: The formal trousers for women may or may not have the belt loops.
Waist Band: Waist bands are a hallmark of a women's formal trouser. They are the most common in formal trousers.

Ladies Formal Designer Trousers

  • Velvet Trousers 
  • Turn-up Trousers 
  • Flat front Trousers 
  • Cropped Leg Trousers 
  • Bootleg Trousers 
  • Straight Leg Trousers 
  • Slim Leg Trousers 
  • Wide Leg Trousers 
  • Petite Formal Trousers 

Women's Jeans
Jeans are made up of denim and also corduroy for some of the jeans. Jeans are a form of casual attire and are also very common amongst the women these days. Jeans portray a very rugged and rough look on them but have always been worn as a style component nevertheless. Jeans are also known as an all purpose clothing.
Women jeans come in a wide range of variety of styles and designs to suit women of every kind and behavior. Jeans make a woman look attractive from all corners. Leaving aside the formal events, women jeans leave an attractive and flamboyant impression while worn on any occasion.

Women Stylish Jeans

  • Below Waist Jeans 
  • Low Rise Jeans 
  • Tapered Leg Jeans 
  • Waist Jeans 
  • Bootcut Jeans 
  • Skinny Jeans 
  • Straight Leg Jeans 
  • Stretch Jeans 
  • Bell Bottom 
  • Loose Fit 
  • Baggy 

Essence of Women Jeans
Women jeans are meant for all purposes and activities due to its extra comfort. These are a style statement for women of today. Receptive to various moods and attitudes of women as jeans could be chosen according to their personality and image.

Women jeans are very rarely prone to dust and dirt. These require very little washing and ironing.

  • Low on maintenance and high on execution. 
  • Fabric Used for Women Jeans
  • Denim 
  • Corduroy 
  • Cotton-Polyester blend 
  • Cotton-Nylon blend 



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