Guys Your Girls Looks Hot In Shorts

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Guys Your Girls Looks Hot In Shorts


Ladies shorts are the garments worn over the pelvic area covering the upper part of the upper legs. They are also referred as shortened version of lowers. Among most likable and appreciated apparel, shorts are highly known for their perfect fitness, sexy appeal and elegance of women. Can be mixed and matched with any t-shirt or top, they are perfect for scorching summer months. 

Fabrics used in Ladies Shorts
Shorts are usually worn for casual purpose. The most common material used is cotton and denim. Other materials that are used basically for cycling or athlete shorts are polyester, nylon and spandex.

Ladies Shorts Styles
Variety of styles in shorts are available in the market like : 
Beach shorts - Perfect for women, beach shorts are very pleasing and relaxing. 
Baggies - They are loose fitting standard size shorts which reach the knees. 
Bermuda shorts - Also known as dress shorts or walking shorts, they are knee length shorts comprised with waist loops and pockets.. 
Cargo shorts - Ideal khaki shorts consisted with cargo pockets. 
Culottes - This is a divided skirt, looks like loose cut shorts, highly popular among gals and women. 
Cycling shorts - Also termed as bike shorts, they are skin tight shorts worn by cyclists to lower chafing while cycling. 
Leather shorts - These shorts look hot and vastly used by women. 
Running shorts - These shorts are the sporty one which reaches the upper thigh of women. 



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