Things You Shouldn’t Wear for Short Legs

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Things You Shouldn’t Wear for Short Legs


Have you ever been thinking that some women don’t have ideal constitutions and beautiful faces but they are still always in the center of attention and men DO love them? It happens because they perfectly know pros and cons of their bodies and know how to emphasize the advantages and conceal the disadvantages.

You are welcome to find out the secrets of beauty and clothes. Today I would like to tell you about things to wear with short legs. We see so many girls with long legs that sometimes it seems to me their concentration is critical and nobody will notice us – not sol long-legs but still beautiful girls. It goes without saying that long legs are a woman’s pride. But … everything is not THAT bad, follow these tips and look like a model.



  • always try to wear either medium or high heel shoes;
  • remember that a skirt (dress, shorts), pantyhose and shoes (boots) must be of the same colour;
  • dark pantyhose will make your legs visually longer;
  • don’t even think to wear cuffed pants, short loose skirts, and tulip skirts especially with flat sole shoes;
  • frankly speaking low-rise jeans are not welcomed at all;
  • choose pants with vertical lines;
  • pay attention that shorts should be fairly short;
  • your fav skirts should be mini skirts or long skirts with high heels.



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