10 Sexy Items Every Woman Needs in her Wardrobe

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10 Sexy Items Every Woman Needs in her Wardrobe


One of the most sexually-attractive Hollywood stars Carmen Electra created her own list of clothes every sexy woman should have in her closet.

  • A pair of black high heels. Such shoes go with anything, they make legs look longer and very attractive. These shoes should be made of leather, which stretches and breathes and will let you feel comfortable;
  • A pair of skinny denim jeans. These jeans should fit like a glove, make your legs long and slim;
  • A warm cashmere sweater. An attractive, loose, and comfy sweater. Choose a colour that suits you the most;
  • A pair of diamond earrings. I don’t ask you to buy super expensive diamond earrings, buy something small and elegant. They will add instant glamour to any outfit;
  • An A-line skirt. A skirt that fits you perfectly and flatters your figure. The colour and fabric don’t matter, you should love it and feel yourself a Queen in it;
  • A little black dress. A classic dress that can be paired with any accessories and any shoes. Choose strapless, cap-sleeved, long-sleeve – it doesn’t matter, you should feel yourself comfy in it;
  • An expensive everyday bag. Think of a well made, expensive, classic bag with nice hardware. It should be big enough but people shouldn’t mistake it for luggage;
  • A bottle of sexy perfume. A kind of perfume that fits you perfectly and makes you a desired and attractive woman.

Skirts, dresses, accessories, shoes … we have so much things in our wardrobes, actually, often, we don’t need them at all. No matter what the latest trends are, there are such things any woman needs in her wardrobe and she can always rely on. These things will let you look fresh and fab:


  1. Black dress
    Yeah, I am talking about a classic black dress from Coco Chanel. No matter the event or fashion trends, you should have this dress in your closet. It will be your helping hand, a kind of dress that will emphasize your strong sides. Also, you can use a number of accessories to make it look different.

  2. Jeans
    It can sound ridiculous, but get a classic pair of Levi’s, or whatever your favourite brand. Be sure they fit you perfectly and thus, you will always look amazing in a nick of time.
  3. Suit
    I am talking about a classic black suit that can be worn everywhere and paired with any accessories. This suit should have no details and no bright spots, simplicity is the key feature.
  4. It-bag
    While talking about IT-bags I mean such bags as: Chanel, Birkin, Coach and etc. Those bags have nothing in common with trends and fashion – they are timeless and classic, they look elegant and stylish but not modern and fresh. You should definitely have such a bag in your wardrobe.
  5. Skirt
    Think of two staple skirts, one short and one long. Think classic and conservative. Both skirts shouldn’t be too, I mean too long or too short.
  6. Sweater set
    Buy a couple of ordinary and completely simple sweaters, they should be one-coloured in order you to be ready to pair them with any clothes you like.
  7. Pearls
    A string of pearls is the most essential part of any wardrobe. You can pair this string with any ensemble and always look elegant.
  8. Blouse
    A win-win situation. There is nothing better variant than a white button-down shirt.
  9. Shoes
    You only need two pairs – comfy loafers and classic high-heels. Loafers and pumps, simple, elegant and always handy. The last thing is – amazing mood.These are the foundation pieces, you can add something from yourself or get rid of some items, happy shopping and be stylish!


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