Upcoming 2009 Fall Fashion

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Upcoming 2009 Fall Fashion


This fall, make sure you rock out your cutest dress, your hottest heels, and your most sparkle adorned back because it’s all about making a statement. We’ve seen a lot of different styles come into play for this season including plaid, florals and tweeds, but there is also so much more than that. It’s basically about taking a certain style and making it your own. So when you look through a magazine, don’t immediately shut down a piece because you won’t know what it looks like until you try it on and make it your own. So here are a few major fashion staples that you really shouldn’t ignore this fall.


Say goodbye to the good old boring black, and hello to a new, more sparkly you! Beaded accessories, as well as jeweled bags and shoes are the it thing for this fall. So if you’re wearing your little black dress spice it up with a jewel encrusted sandal or bag. The more bling, the better! Just be sure to keep your jewelry to a minimum!


I wrote an article a few weeks back about the high comeback of floral this season, so it’s no wonder than retro floral are also in this fall. If you’re going for the retro floral look, make sure you don’t over-accessorize. Because florals are such a strong and eye-catching pattern, make sure you only wear one at a time. Whether it be a flower adorned shoe, a retro floral bag or a floral dress…accessories must be diminished!


Lace is a very sensual material, so when you wear it you feel sexy and empowered. Lace dresses are super hot this season so make sure you pick one up in a soft, cream color. Embellished lace tops are also great for school or the office, as well as lace adorned shoes. And of course, don’t forget your lace lingerie - there really is nothing sexier!


World traveler fashion is well…worldly. Think fringes, lots of colors, different patterns as well as different materials all combined into one. The bazaar look is finally here so make sure you embrace it by adding a little bit of it to a plain outfit.


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