Work out your face

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Work out your face


You keep your body fit and toned – why not your face? Exercising your facial muscles will help to keep your skin taut, release tension in the face and appear more expressive. Try these facia yoga moves at home for a younger-looking face:

Scrunch up your face for a few seconds: nose wrinkled, brow furrowed, eyes and mouth tightly closed.

Now do the opposite. Open your mouth and eyes as wide as you can and do a silent scream to release the throat muscles. Repeat this five times with head moving left to right.

Purse your lips and push your mouth up to the left, then to the right.

Grin as widely as possible but tuck in the chin to tighten neck muscles. Press the fingers into the forehead near the hair­lines and gently rub forward and back to help reduce lines. Gently open and close your mouth as though chewing a huge marshmallow, to tighten the skin around the jaw.

Puff out your cheeks as though blowing a balloon and hold for 10 seconds. Alternate air in each cheek 10 times. This is good for smoothing out the cheeks.


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