Lessons in Layering

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Lessons in Layering

Freezing temperatures and over-zealous indoor heating makes layering an essential skill in winter. Layering is also a great way to show flair.

Start with a cotton T-shirt, dress shirt or skivvy, then add heavier items such as a jumper, blazer or jacket. Only layer with items you’d wear on their own (in other words, ditch the holey old singlet). Layering creates bulk so try to balance full trousers with a snug-fitting top and vice versa. Keep accessories simple and remember comfort is key. Layering is fun so trust your instincts and go for it!

Use colour to create shape
Neutral shades look elegant when accented with brighter colours but remember to define your figure with contrasting colours. A light-coloured belt over a dark dress will draw attention to the waist. If you're wearing light colours, pair with black tights or leggings.

Stay warm with the basics
Chunky knits, silk blouses and scarves are easy to layer and are always in style. Extra long, heavy scarves are great to layer over a coat – you can switch to a light silk scarf for indoors or wrap scarves together. Invest in a good pair of tights – patterned tights add an edge to any outfit. Leggings also look good under dresses or with extra-long tops and knee-high boots.

Get creative in summer
Smart tank tops can work well over a blouse, under a cardigan or deep V-neck top. Wear a shirt over a t-shirt and add a blazer for warmth. Or layer a t-shirt over a t-shirt for a cool urban look.


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