What is Ballroom Dancing?

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What is Ballroom Dancing?


Ballroom dancing is one of the most famous forms of dancing in the modern era. How can one define it? It is simple. You can not! This is a concept of art that cannot be described by the use of specific dance steps and patterns, and neither can it be defined as just another form of dance!

For the real connoisseur, the true beauty in the concept comes from its rich history and evolution of the various types of dances that are encompassed by the term ballroom dancing!

The Waltz, one of the major cornerstones of dance, was created in the early 1800s, while the Fox Trot, Tango and Two-Step originated in the early 1900s. And then, the amazing fifties brought in the evolution of the swing as well as the popular rock n roll type of music and dance! Then, the disco started its journey in the 70s, followed by a revival of country and line dancing in the 1990s. There is still some argument whether these dances feature as ballroom styles or not, but the decision remains yours!

Another popular name is social dancing, simply because they are supposed to be danced in couples and are essential at social gatherings! While it may be believed to be part of the elite class for hundreds of years, it has also been a valuable form of social activity leading to binding friendships and a lot of enjoyment for the masses!

Some of the fundamental steps and theories learnt in ballroom dancing classes can be used in all types of music, be it the classical waltz dance steps, rock or even disco! This is because of the fact that it always requires that the dancer moves to a normal beat pattern with a fixed tempo. The major types of music you will dance to be two: either three steps per bar or four steps per bar. In any case, you'll realize that most songs that are optimal for dancing have such tempos, so you can use your knowledge with all other forms of music!


Article taken from Clyde Mendes column from slotMusic, Florida 


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