Controlling Your Balance While Doing a Double Spin While Salsa Dancing

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Controlling Your Balance While Doing a Double Spin While Salsa Dancing


Doing a double spin while you're Salsa dancing can often be difficult while maintaining your balance. Spinning on the ball of your foot isn't too hard on the first spin, but that second turn is a whole different story, right?

It's actually a fairly common problem that many people have. Don't worry, you're not the only one struggling to stay off the ground :)


There are several things you can do to practice.


The first, and very simple thing you can do is watch for the point at where you think you are going to fall over. Really focus on finding this point. Now while you are turning and about to hit this point, work on pulling your body in the other direction.

If you've already tried this or it just isn't working, you need to work on your balance.

First, work on finding your center. Knowing this will keep you thinking about where your body needs to be and will be much easier to focus while you're practicing.

To find your center, there are a couple of exercises you can do. Start by standing straight up with your feet hip-width apart and stay here until you feel like your weight is evenly distributed. Now slightly bend your knees and lift your toes. From here, lift one foot slowly off the floor and do a couple ankle circles. If you are having trouble keeping balance while doing this, you aren't centered. Repeat this with your other foot.

You should feel centered at this point. Now lift yourself up onto your toes and bend your knees. Slowly back down to your heels while your knees are still bent and then straighten your legs. Now reverse the whole procedure. Do this a few times and you'll really get the hang of where your center is.

Another trick to working on your balance is by performing a passe. This is where you place your foot on or near the knee of the opposite leg. While doing the passe, balance on your toes on the foot that is still grounded and perform a single turn. Now do this with your other foot and practice back and forth a few times. This may work better if you're standing in front of a full body mirror so you can keep an eye on your stance.

Hopefully these tips will have you doing all the salsa dance spins you can possibly handle!





Illustration from Clyde Mendes column at slotMusic, Florida 




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