How to Hold a Salsa Dance Partner

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How to Hold a Salsa Dance Partner



The main difference between a regular ballroom hold and a salsa dance hold is quite subtle: it's in your clasped hands. Because you and your partner will be turning away from each other and doing spins, you will use what's called a pistol grip. This article will help illustrate what the salsa dance hold should be.



  1. Hold a salsa dance partner by facing your partner. You should be fairly close, but with enough space between you so that your feet don't touch.

  2. Place your right hand on your partner's back so it's just below your dance partner's shoulder blade. Your partner will place her left arm above your arm and set her left hand on your right shoulder. Because of this close connection, you'll be able to communicate what you want to do when you are holding your salsa dance partner while you're dancing together.

  3. Extend the index finger of your right hand and allow it to point at your partner while the rest of your fingers point away from your palm at a 90 degree angle. Your partner will grasp your curled fingers, as your index finger remains pointed toward her.

  4. Pretend there's a wall between you as you hold your partner. You and your partner will keep a steady pressure against each other's clasped hands so the proper distance can be maintained between you as you dance the salsa. This will also allow you to communicate to your partner where you would like her to move while you're dancing together.


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