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I regularly go for beach parties. In the last year, I am amazed how Salsa dancing has become so popular on the beach. A nice question............I asked myself. I began looking for clues. Trust me the girls were hot, thanks to Cia.Maritima Swimwear. Practically every girls wore this label. Mama Mia!!! That made the difference. I began labeling twenty seven beaches across the United Stated as Salsa Town.

Cia.Maritiama is the hottest brand in the swimwear industry which manufactures top quality swimsuits. The company was launched in the year 1990 in Brazil by Rosset Group and since then it has been incorporating high fashion concepts in its swimwear industry. The brand has gained huge popularity because of its unique style and quality. The brand specializes in handcrafted bikinis which are adorned with beautiful embroidery, crystal beading and amazing lace work. Cia.Maritiama swimwear is crafted from top grade fabric and offer unparallel fitting along with great comfort.

The Cia.Maritima brand is highly influenced by the Brazilian Women and reflects the style and concept of the native place in their collections. Cia.Maritima swimsuits beautifully outline your curves and accentuate your body assets. The unique designs, exotic aesthetics, and innovative cuts have made Cia.Maritima one of the biggest beachwear company of Latin America. The company is known for producing fashion concept instead of just bikinis. Fabrics used for crafting Cia.Maritima swimwear are made using the latest technology and unique prints.

Designer Benny Rosset was inspired by different looks of the Mediterranean Sea. The collection offers classic silhouettes reminiscent of those of designer Madeleine Vioneet, daring inspirations akin to those of Versace and beauty similar to the historical figures of Greco-Roman Goddesses.

Rosset, uses colorful prints, draping, trim and a beautiful sea shades from blue to green inspire the color palate which features turquoise, emerald and royal blue while incorporating neutral shades such as coral, brown, white and black. Gorgeous fabrics such as lycra, jersey and the new “nectarina”, which has a velveteen touch, offer the light fluidness necessary to the collection.

Rosset did a great job at incorporating bold, jewelry like details into the looks, often around the neckline which gave a number of the swimwear pieces a ready to wear feel which provide women with fashionable alternatives for day and evening.

Cia.Maritima swimwear is also exported to Europe and United States because of the increasing demand. Cia.Maritima have graced the cover page of many popular magazines, such as Women's Health, People, Cosmo Girl, Weekend, Lucky, Apparel News, Us, Fitness, Seventeen, Shape, and many more to list. Cia.Maritima swimwear is also very popular among many of the popular celebrities and super models. Check out the detail of some of the hot selling collections:

2007 Cia.Maritima Swimwear Collection: The Cia Maritama 2007 collection had a touch of African influence. An impression of the rich tropical culture and natural beauty of Bahia can be felt in the swimwear collection. Bright colors along with stripes and tribal patterns were the essence of this hot selling collection. Top sellers of the collection were the traditional black and dark brown bikinis adorned with gold detailing and adjustable strings and straps.

2008 Cia.Maritima Swimwear Collection: The year 2008 saw some of the best Cia.Maritima collection of swimsuits. The swimsuits were adorned with beautiful hand-work, exotic designs and intricate details. The range featured floral prints, jaquatrica skin, stripes, snake, and geometric patterns.

2009 Cia.Maritima Swimwear Collection: The collection for year 2009 is inspired from the 1960's and 1970's era. The main features of this fashion week will be hand crafted tie-dye beach suits following animal prints in most of the suits. The colors focused on are lavender, coral, yellow and neon pink. Also, a new style called Saint-Tropez style will be

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Illustration from Clyde Mendes column at  MetroSexual LA



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