What Clothes Do Salsa Dancers Wear?

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What Clothes Do Salsa Dancers Wear?

There are as many different styles of clothing worn for  dancing as there are people who  dance.

When you're watching a movie on TV and they show some people  dancing, usually in some little cafe in the back of beyond, the women are usually wearing tight jeans, a belt, and a very fitted shirt with the buttons open half way down the front! The men will be dressed about the same, with their shirts buttoned all the way to their neck, and sometimes one of those little string ties, and almost always they will be wearing a hat, even indoors. Of course, they will all be wearing those nice, big heavy boots that they put on that morning to do their chores.

In Hawaii, the women who came to the classes where I took  dance instructions wore very short, twirly skirts, crop tops or fitted fancy t-shirts, tights or panty hose, and  dance boots, which are much lighter than regular boots and have a smooth sole so you don't stick to the dance floor. They almost always decorated their boots with a "boot bracelet", on one boot only, which sparkled when they danced.

Of course, being in Hawaii, you would have people show up for class in shorts, tank tops, and "rubber slippers." They would soon discover that this just did not work for  dancing. Sometimes, they would just abandon their rubber slippers and try to dance barefooted, which was a little bit better, but they had to be careful for splinters in the wood floor. It made doing the  dance steps a bit awkward. Most of them, if they returned for another class, would at least bring the proper boots!

Sometimes I would wear a long, flowing skirt because I liked to dance "Salsa Across Texas" to Diana  "Dreamin' My Dreams of You" and I loved the way her skirt swirled when she twirled!

When the dance team performed in public, in the shopping malls, the parks at events or even PowWows, or at the resorts for the tourists, they had costumes they wore. The blouses of the women and the shirts of the men would all be the same. The women would add short skirts, tights, and boots to their "look" and the men would all wear jeans and big belts, boots, and hats. They all looked just great and very professional. A lot of times when they performed, they would have to pack a foldable wooden floor with them because it was impossible to dance on grass or asphalt parking lots. They even took a large flatbed truck to a shopping mall and danced above the crowd and then invited people up for  dance instructions. It was always a lot of good, clean fun!

No matter what they wore, everyone always had a good time and, if the event was in the parking lot of a shopping center, we all would go to Baskin Robbins afterward for some ice cream!














llustration from Clyde Mendes column at
Girl's Weekly, Australia

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