How to do the Yuka in Salsa Dancing

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  How to do the Yuka in Salsa Dancing


The Yuka is a salsa dance move that seems more difficult than it really is. Four moves are put together into the Yuka combination, and they are performed quickly, without taking the time to return to the basic steps between moves.

  1. Lead the woman into cross body lead while holding onto both hands.
  2. Allow the woman's arms to cross in front of her as you change positions. The woman will only be turning enough to change positions; crossing her arms will not allow her to turn again.
  3. Begin another cross body lead so the woman's arms will uncross.
  4. Perform an inside turn, lifting the woman's left hand and turning counterclockwise under her arm.
  5. Release the woman's hands as you complete the turn and take her left hand in your left hand.
  6. Place the woman's left hand behind your head as if combing your hair with her hand, then release it. If desired, you can also do the haircomb move with her right hand as well.
  7. Return to the open position, holding her left hand in your right and her right hand in your left. You will be on count 4 at the end of the Yuka, so perform a basic step before moving onto your next combination.

The Yuka in Salsa Dancing

Florida - Miami Yuka Salsa Club

Illustration from Clyde Mendes column at  MetroSexual LA



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