The Salsa Dip

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  The Salsa Dip 

The dip in salsa is probably the most impressive move because a good deal of timing and balance is required of both partners. If one partner miscalculates and gets off balance or relaxes too much, depending on the other partner's strength to keep them both from falling, the beauty and grace of the dip is lost.
  1. Begin with a cross body lead. This allow the woman to already be moving the direction of the dip, which will make doing it much easier for both of you.
  2. Place your right arm firmly in the center of the woman's back to support her as she leans back into the dip.
  3. Allow the woman to place her right arm on top or behind your shoulder. She may wrap it around your neck slightly to help hold herself up.
  4. Support the woman as you step forward and she leans back. This should happen on count 7 of the music. Hold for count 8.
  5. Hold your free arm away from your body for some extra flair. The woman will do the same.
  6. Pull the woman upright and return to the starting position on count 1. This should happen very quickly so you're ready to begin your next move right away.

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Illustration from Clyde Mendes column at  Salsa TV, Singapore 



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