Alesha and Matthew "Just Dreaming With Their Feet!" 

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  Alesha and Matthew "Just Dreaming With Their Feet!" 

Alesha Dixon is feeling sexy. She's single. Matt Di Angelo and Alesha Dixon are secretly dating. Matt and singer Alesha, 29, were first spotted dancing closely together at London's Mo*vida nightclub last month. Now pals say their relationship has progressed into a fully fledged romance. A Strictly source revealed: "Matt and Alesha's relationship is an open secret among the stars of the show.

Alesha says, with a wicked laugh, "Dancing makes you feel really sexy,". "I call it foreplay without the finale. When you're dancing with somebody all day and spending that much time up close together, it makes you feel very sexual. "You're more flirty than you would normally be and I've definitely become a very flirty person since I started doing the show."

In an interesting interview with Alesha Dixon and dance partner Matthew Cutler.

Alesha looked worried during the judges' comments last Saturday. Alesha Dixon and dance partner Matthew Cutler expected to get dismissed by the judges. 

Alesha remarked, "I just blacked out," We forgot what steps they should have been doing. Matthew whispered, "follow me,". He just improvised until he could remember a later bit of the routine. The couple looked fine and nobody knew they had gone wrong. Not even the judges. 

How true! "Their dance was a poem of which each movement a word." It takes an athlete to dance, but an artist to be a dancer. Man, They were just superb.

Let take a walk done memory lane and take our learning from this couple that has inspired my whole school.

Strictly Come Dancing 24/11/07 Alesha & Matthew


Alesha & Matthew's Jive - Strictly Come Dancing - BBC


Strictly Come Dancing 22/12/07 Alesha 's Show Dance


Alesha Dixon wins Strictly Come Dancing

Strictly Come Dancing 01/12/07 Alesha & Matthew

Strictly Come Dancing - Alesha Dixon - Salsa Dancing

Alesha and Matthew - Strictly Come Dancing Christmas Special 2008 - BBC One




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Erica 10/07/2009 10:42

I'm thinking there must be a lot of frustrated dancers out there, for that show to be so popular, same like with American Idol, lots of frustrated singers. But they do find talent, I say that for
them. Oh that reminds me! When Clay Aiken first went out on tour, he used to do a bit where he would invite people to come up on the stage to sing with him. At the time Clay had put out a duet with
another AI singer, Kimberley Locke, the song is called Without You. So people would come up there and sing a verse and the chorus. Predictably most people couldn't sing worth a dime, my guess is
they did it to get the swag and to meet Clay. By the time they got to Buffalo, it was some pretty sad singing he'd had to hear. But this one girl, Lauren Smith, wow! She sang a duet with him that
was amazing! Here it is, in the video you can hear people appreciating her singing:

So I asked her in the YouTube comments how come she never auditioned for AI, and she said she did, twice, but they rejected her! And it occurred to me that most of the women on the show are
above-average attractive and very thin ... so I guess they aren't just looking for outstanding singing. :(

To make a short story even longer, I was watching Judge Mathis one day, and there was a girl calling someone else a liar, saying they were bragging they had been on AI, and Mathis asked this lady
had she been on AI, and the lady said, she had tried out for AI twice but been rejected. So I looked up and there was Lauren Smith! As a witness on Judge Mathis! LOL

Okay, to get back to dancing, here is another favorite:

Caroline 10/07/2009 10:37

I love Latin-style dancing. I can’t be bothered watching fox trots, waltzes, Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers bore me to death. But give me a tango, a samba, a mambo, and I am entranced. Antonio
Banderas dances the tango in Take The Lead. Richard Gere and Jennifer Lopez dance the tango in Shall We Dance. Ooh laa laah.

Like most people my age, I grew up dancing. There was so much great music to dance to, lots of great radio stations and deejays, and there were shows on television that were all about music and
dancing. As a young woman, I went dancing with my friends a few times, but I was too busy at the time trying to earn a living to get seriously into the club scene. Then about ten years ago, I
really got into going to the clubs; at first a lot of different clubs, then one club. I had a group of girls I went with and we would spend the whole night dancing.

Like in everything else, a lot of people had a gimmick. Some women dressed and danced together very seductively. Some liked to do group dances, like the Electric Slide. I used to copy dancing
seen on television, like Michael Jackson's Billie Jean, would do bits of it when I danced. Some people would only dance to a certain style music, if they only liked hip-hop, that’s what they
dance to, if they only liked Latin, or trance, or slow, that’s what they danced to. One girl taught me how to do cha-cha, and a little salsa, and we would partner up because she loved to do
cha-cha; she was a lingerie model and had a great body, cha-cha dancing really showed her off. I already knew how to do cumbia from my teenage years, that’s the dance Selena made famous in
Any kind of Latin beat is great to dance to, but my girlfriends and I would dance to any kind of music. As long as it had a beat. There’s a lot of music that in itself might be objectionable,
gangsta rap, for example, but that has a great beat to dance to. There are songs that are spiritual and you can dance to. There are songs you would never think of as dance music, but they’ve
remixed to be danceable, like Madame Butterfly or I Love Lucy. Reggaeton is pretty popular right now. You get the idea what reggaeton is about when you watch videos of Daddy Yanqui or Wisin,
basically it’s all about moving the body, Latin style. To me, that’s what dancing is all about, when I used to dance. The song Cyclone talks about a girl moving her body like a cyclone. Well,
Otherwise, why are you out there?

I haven’t danced in years, but when I used to go to the clubs, all the girls were about moving their bodies in ways that would make men look at them. It wasn’t about art, it was about making
look. I remember this one club I used to go to, the Mariner’s Club on the Navy Base, there was this skinny white girl who used to dance like she’d been a trained dancer and she’d be all over
floor twisting herself this way and that, and we basically laughed at her; men didn’t look at her, no man ever approached her. Most women dressed and danced to show themselves off to men. At my
favorite club, the tables, the booths and the bar, were all facing the dance floor. There was a rail men leaned against, and there were windows men could look through from the pool hall side,
there was an elevated platform, all where men could stand and watch the girls on the dance floor. When the club got crowded, the men would stand around the edge of the dance floor and watch the
women dance. I danced for pure enjoyment and laughter, laughing with my girlfriends; If men joined us, great, if not, that was great too, we were there to have a good time. But to say the
can’t think of one night we were there men didn’t join us, and other women. Who wouldn’t want to be with us? We were lots of fun.

Now, most men don’t like to dance for the sake of dancing. They dance with women as a means to an end. And even then, they have to get a few beers in them first. They watch, they drink, they
They watch. Then they choose. Then they ask. Then they dance. Then they spend a lot of time dancing, and then they walk a woman to her table. Then they offer to buy them a drink. Then they ask
they can sit with her. Then there is more dancing, more conversation. Eventually, there is the last dance, slow and sweet.

Diana 10/06/2009 21:09

They are a couple that dance beautifully together.