Strictly Come Dancing: Is Ricky Whittle the Perfect 10?

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Strictly Come Dancing: Is Ricky Whittle the Perfect 10?


With the Paso Doble and Quickstep awaiting the class of 2009 this week, Alan Dudman updates us on the winner market and tells us who is likely to bite the dust this week and be confined to the dustbins of Strictly Come Dancing history.

Can Ricky Whittle get any shorter? Yes I say, and goodness knows what sort of price the human torso is going to be come week nine or ten. Whittle is getting hotter and hotter, and whilst trading as SCD fave at 2.58, I anticipate a price nearer evens come Saturday evening.

The Hollyoaks star is clearly the best dancer they have had for some time on the show, his Ballroom and Latin from week two were pretty stunning bar one slip, and rather ominously for the rest of the field, he's only going to get better.

What else did we learn from the second batch of 'dancers'? Well, Zoe Lucker is a dark horse - I was impressed. She's been cut to 16.00 to win it. Craig Kelly was rubbish (he won't win it), and Jo Wood perhaps wasn't as garbage as I was hoping. Laila was looking really good until the Latin (but she always looks good), whilst Phil Tufnell is this year's cheeky chappy. Note, please sack me if I ever use the 'cheeky chappy' and Phil Tufnell line anymore for this season.

No show this Friday, as it's a straight shoot-out come Saturday night on BBC1. 13 celebrities and Natalie Cassidy now go head to head for the first time in the series, with the Paso Doble and Quickstep waiting in store for them.

The opening rounds have been about grace, poise, elegance and rigor mortis (Joe Calazaghe). It's been slow and subtle (or just slow for big Joe), and now it's going to be quick and animated. We want some passion this weekend. Let's hope we get some.

The Paso Doble is the Spanish bullfighter's dance, it's the dance before the kill in Spain, and a mighty tough one to nail. The Quickstep does exactly what it says on the tin. It's gotta be quick, dynamic, fast with lots of runs, hops and one-steps. The old dance used to be a combination of the Charleston, the Shag and the Peabody. I personally adore one of those dances....the Peabody.

Ricky Whittle and Natalie Lowe dancing Paso Doble

Beloved students, do find below how the Paso Doble is danced.  Below are a few videos.   Study the moves and practice them. You may then pass your valuable comments on my Superstar Ricky Whittle.  Cheers and Chao !!!


Men's Paso Doble Attack Step



Ladies Paso Doble Attack Step



Paso Doble Attack Step with a Partner



Paso Doble Attack Step with Music



Men's Paso Doble Chasse Step


Ladies Paso Doble Chasse Step



Paso Doble Chasse Steps with Partner


Paso Doble Huit for Men



Paso Doble Huit for Ladies



Paso Doble Huit with a Partner



Men's Paso Doble Traveling Spins



Ladies Paso Doble Traveling Spins



Paso Doble Traveling Spins with Partner

My beloved students, I recommend the video lessons below for both beginner and intermediate level.  You may order the same by clicking on the desired image below. This offer at discount is only available on this site.




Illustration from Clyde Mendes column at  MetroSexual LA


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Lily Page 10/08/2009 13:33

While studing your blog Ilearnt the Paso Doble.
Ricky Whittle you win a 10 on 10 .
Hey buddy your log is amazing. I like the comparasion you have made with the performer and the lesson to learn the dance.
I have ust ordered the two dvd on your blog and keep me updated with other self tutorial lesson on ballroom dancing.

Paul Keinner 10/08/2009 13:28

10 on 10 to you as your post is superb. You have spent a lot of time doing this stuff. Keep up the good work.
Ricky Whittle too deserves a 10 on 10 too.