Aida is a Latin figure in Rumba

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Aida is a Latin figure in Rumba


Music must be swallowed by movement.

The Aida is a Latin figure, used in Rumba, Cha, and in Bolero.

In Rumba, we might start in butterfly position facing wall, trail feet free. Both step thru to line and begin to turn in (man to the right and woman to the left). Step side and continue to turn. Step back to a V-position, back-to-back, looking reverse, lead hands joined. This is the position that we have in the photo.

We may also begin with the lead feet and move to reverse. don't usually think of the Aida as a "picture" figure, but notice that this ending "Aida Position" does include attractive body lines. You can make an effort to match your partner in the slope of your shoulders and arms and in the positions of relatively straight legs. 

In Cha, the Aida is a step thru turning in, a side step continuing to turn to a V-back-to-back, and then a back/lock, back in this same "mini-picture" Aida Position.

The Bolero Aida is similar to the Rumba Aida, but it starts with a slow side preparatory step. Often the cuer will say, "Prepare the Aida" (one measure). And then he or she will cue, "Aida Line" (1/2 measure).

You can begin in almost any position, such as butterfly, semi, open facing, or even open position. The lead foot is free. Step side down line blending to a facing V-position. The lead shoulders will be a little apart and the trail shoulders closer together. Step thru with the trail feet turning in (man right, woman left), step side and back. At this point, you will be in Left Open Position, facing reverse. This completes the "Aida Preparation." Finally, step back with the lead foot continuing to turn to the Aida Line position, a back to back "V" looking reverse.

Of course, you may also perform this figure beginning with the trail foot, in which case the Aida will progress to reverse.

In Bolero, the Aida is a measure-and-a-half figure, so choreographers often step-cue two more quick steps to get back on the measure. In the Reads' Todo Bolero, there is an Aida Prep (one measure), an Aida Line and two Hip Rocks in place (a second measure), and then face & Fence Line (a third measure).

An interesting variation to the Rumba Aida is Three Aidas. In Butterfly Position facing wall, trail feet free, step thru to line and begin to turn right (woman left). Step side and continue to turn, and step back to a V-position back-to-back looking reverse lead hands joined. For the second Aida, step thru with the lead feet, forward turning left (woman right) and joining trail hands, back & side to a V-position back-to-back looking toward line. Finally, step thru with the trail feet and repeat that first Aida. In the Moores' Beautiful Maria, part C begins with 2 of Three Alemanas;;; Three Aidas;;; hip rock and swivel to face; fan; to a hockey stick;; (in this last sentence, each semi-colon represents the end of one measure of music).




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