An Introduction to Rumba Basic Poses and Moves

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An Introduction to Rumba Basic Poses and Moves


Music must be swallowed by movement. Basic: This is a two-measure figure (six steps) in open facing or loose closed position. Man places his left foot forward with toe slightly turned out (Q), replaces weight to his right foot

(Q) and steps side on the left foot, settling (S); then back on his right foot (Q), recovers to his left foot (Q) and steps side right (S). The woman does the opposite.

It is important to remember that Step 1 is a placement of the foot, not a forward or backward step with full weight on the step.

Hockey Stick: This is so named because the six steps taken by the Lady make an “L-shape” on the floor like the handle and blade of a hockey stick. Because this is usually done from a “fan” position, the Lady will close her right foot to the left and transfer weight on Step 1. Lady then walks forward on Step 2 and 3 to be in front of the man but still at right angles facing RLOD. With the man’s direction, she makes a slight body angle change so that the 4th step goes forward diagonally reverse wall. She continues to step forward on Step 5, allowing the man to turn her on the ball of her right foot AFTER she has committed her weight on the step so that her sixth step will be back. The Man must lead the Step 5 turn ONLY after the Lady is “on” the foot.

Cucarachas: Think of these as “pressure” steps, in standard timing without turn. Step 1 is a side step with pressure into the floor, with some weight retained in the supporting (in place) foot; on Step 2, full weight is transferred back to the supporting foot; on Step 3, the moving foot is closed to the supporting foot. The steps can be taken forward or back, diagonally or to the side. The heel of the supporting foot will not release from the floor except in a forward cucaracha.

Alemana Turn: This is a right face turn under for the Lady, stepping left, right, left, but it is not a twirl. Lady walks forward with a swivel, then forward with a swivel and either side or forward. The trailing foot will track under the body, as though brushing on the swiveling action. Man’s steps are basic—forward, replace, close, back, replace and close (or side). His forward and back steps use a cucaracha action.

Man’s job is to lead and balance as he shifts (cucaracha). It looks like he isn’t doing anything but what he does requires concentration, coordinating with Lady’s movement.

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