Modern Jive: Armjive walk

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Modern Jive: Armjive walk


If you've watched the popular Strictly Come Dancing on TV you will have heard all the celebrities saying how much they loved learning to dance and wished they'd started dancing sooner. This is your chance to be part of the fun rather than just being an on-looker.

Modern Jive is a combination of many well-known dance styles such as Jive, Salsa, and Ballroom to name but a few.  If you've seen fast Jive on Strictly Come Dancing and are worried that it's too energetic, don't worry - Modern Jive is a different dance. It's a much slower and relaxing pace (without kicks and flicks) that everyone can cope with and enjoy.

Musical Styles
Unlike most dance styles that have grown up around a certain type of music in a certain era, Modern Jive lends itself to almost any musical style from 40s swing, through the decades up to today's latest pop chart music.

  • Follows same arm movements as standard Armjive both of you walking backwards and forwards together in time, both step back on left foot (lady forward on right etc.) taking left hand to left hip,
  • step back on right foot and right hand to right hip,
  • step back on left foot taking left hand to left hip (not shoulder as that would signal a turn),
  • now step forwards on left foot taking left hand to left hip,
  • step forwards on right foot taking right hand to right hip,
  • finally step forwards on left foot and take left hand to left shoulder,
  • finish as standard armjive. To Jive & Rock n Roll / Kav Kavanaugh
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