Basic Stances for Rumba

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Basic Stances for Rumba


Music must be swallowed by movement.

The vital components of any ballroom dance are posture, poise, presentation, balance and foot placement. Rumba isn't any different because dancers need to master the essential footwork and movements in order to make the dance flow.
  1. Stand facing your partner, but slightly offset to the left. Position feet slightly offset as well. Make body contact from the upper thighs up through the torso.
  2. Loosely clasp leader's left hand with follower's right hand. Place leader's right hand on follower's shoulder blade. Place follower's left hand on leader's bicep.
  3. Hold your head upright with your chin parallel to the floor. Drop your shoulders and align chest and hips vertically. Position your pelvis naturally in a midway position. Bend your knees slightly.
  4. Take each step on the balls of your feet. Switch from the ball of your foot to the flat.
  5. Move on the inside edge of your foot's ball and big toe specifically. Transferring the weight onto the ball of the foot achieves the fundamental Cuban hip action that's key to rumba dance.

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