Dance a Basic Reggae Dancehall Move

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  Dance a Basic Reggae Dancehall Move 

  1. Find a reggae song that has a slow beat. Like a Sean Paul slow song or whichever reggae artist slow song you have. You can wine your hips to a fast or slow song but for starters use a slow song. Put on something comfortable to dance in. Make sure you can see your hips in the mirror.
  2. In a standing position keep your feet about 12 inches apart. Slightly bend your knees and relacts your body. Now you are one step closer to learning how to wine your hips to the beat. You can be creative with your hand movements grooving to whichever reggae song you are dancing to but for now place your hands on your hips.
  3. With your hands on your hips you will feel the movement of your hips moving in a clockwise motion. When you are moving in a clockwise motion push your butt out without overdoing the movement and when you cicle around to the front tighten your belly.

Most of all................Have fun!!!










Illustration from Clyde Mendes column at  Salsa TV, Singapore



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