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Dance Premier League


The Flavor of India

Sony Entertainment Television is hitting the television screen big time by launching the largest dancing reality show to be ever created by the name “Dance Premier League”. The show is due to release on the small screen by the end of the month of October this year. This show is whispered to contain some of the most charismatic character of Bollywood. The likes of “Aishwarya Rai” as well as the infamous veteran actor “Madhuri Dixit” are been called upon to judge the show. The small screen heart throb “Eijaz Khan” is been approached to host the show. His counterpart will be the BIDAAI girl “Sara Khan”. The dancing maestro “Shoemaker Davar” has been finalized as the dancing guru of the show, who will be delivering some words of encouragement to the participants.

Indians are influenced by BBC Strictly Come Dancing, ABC Dancing With The Stars.  While Indian may have a long ways to go, salsa is definitely becoming more mainstream in India. A few months back I ended up experimenting with my life by renting my first full bollywood film. While not the best film to be encompassing of the bollywood experience, I thought it was a good start. While the plot won’t win any “Oscars” like Slumdog Millionaire, the soundtrack and music video production was spectacular. It features an amazing music fusion of Bhangra music (I believe), with other genres like Spanish, Latin and Hip-Hop. As Latin sounds fused with ‘Bollywood’ is becoming more popular, I thought I’d give our viewers at taste of the catchy beat that made me buy the whole soundtrack. The clip below is from the movie (they play music videos between specific scenes in the movie). The song name is called “Touch Me, Don’t Touch Me”. You should notice that they sing all three languages in the song: English, Spanish and Hindi. (how cool is that?)

Bollywood “Salsa Dancing” as seen in Dhoom2

There is one amazing dancer in this movie that I should point out, his name is Hrithik Roshan (*drool picture here for ladies). You can see him dance in the intro song to the movie called “Dhoom Machale” (recommended). Now, to hopefully help others break the stereotype of what they think are “Bollywood” movies, here is the trailer for Dhoom 2: Back in Action. If it were up to me, I would want to make a Bollywood version, with lots of dancing, of Transformers. However, I’ll first have to check out the latest salsa related movie called “Mumbai Salsa“.

The rapper once dubbed "America's Most Loveable Pimp" by Rolling Stone makes his debut in India last summer, with a guest appearance on the title track of a highly anticipated Bollywood movie, "Singh Is Kinng." The movie was released in August 08, but the title song is already in heavy rotation on some radio stations in India.

A fusion of hip-hop and bhangra with a simple chorus ("Singh is Kinng, Singh is Kinng, Singh is Kinng"), it features Snoop Dogg giving "what up to all the ladies hanging out in Mumbai" and rapping about "Ferraris, Bugattis and Maseratis."

Snoop Dogg wears a Sikh turban and an ornate long coat called a sherwani in a video of the title song, which was shot this year in Chicago. Geffen Records owns the distribution rights to the song in the United States and Canada and may release it later this year as part of a compilation.

"I really dig how much music is infused with the movies" in Bollywood, Snoop Dogg said in an e-mailed response to questions. "Lots of hip-hop tracks sample Indian music, and a lot of their music sounds like it was influenced by hip-hop," he said. "We're putting together something real big" in India, that will include collaborations, live shows and "more movies with some of my Bollywood homies."

"I'm coming to take over Bollywood," Snoop Dogg promised during the video shoot. "I've never been able to come over there and do shows for you all, but now I'm going to come and do shows," he said in a clip that the video's promoters put on YouTube. "This is just the beginning."

Hollywood and Bollywood have been flirting with new partnerships, from deals with Reliance Big Entertainment, an Indian production company, to Sylvester Stallone's scheduled appearance in a Bollywood movie.

Western musicians have come to India for inspiration and new sounds for decades, but finding an enthusiastic audience among the country's billion-plus population has not always been easy for modern musicians. Western music of a generation ago still tops India's album charts: top albums sold in India included the Eric Clapton compilation "Complete Clapton" and Michael Jackson's "Thriller" for the month that ended June 15, according to Rolling Stone's July India edition.

While a few Western acts like Madonna and Coldplay also sell well in India, hip-hop has traditionally had limited appeal. Karan Wadhera, the co-founder of Cashmere Asia, a new Los Angeles-Mumbai entertainment company that enlisted Snoop Dogg for the project, said he had been looking for ways to introduce hip-hop to India.

Both Bollywood music and hip-hop traditionally involve a lot of rhythm and beats, Wadhera said, and some Bollywood movies have started using hip-hop dance in their musical numbers. "We're introducing Snoop to a very broad audience that has never heard of him before," he said.

The movie "Singh is Kinng" tells the story of a hapless Sikh who is sent to Australia to recover another Sikh in trouble. Many Sikhs hail from the Punjab region that crosses Pakistan and India, and have the surname Singh. Young Punjabis, as natives of the Punjab are called, have become increasingly well known for a proud, often flashy style that has some elements in common with hip-hop.

The film's star, Akshay Kumar, who has morphed from Bollywood action hero to comedic star in recent years, enjoyed a laid-back rapport with Snoop Dogg. The two even tried out a few Indian dance steps, said the video's co-director, Ted Chung, who is the other founder of Cashmere Asia. "Akshay is leading the way on that a bit," Chung said, but Snoop did "try to learn a few bhangra moves."

Snoop Dogg added: "Snoop Dogg's got love for everybody. I like how the Punjabis get down; the way they dress is fresh and they got a real appreciation for music."

Fuzion Dance - Hip Hop Bhangra

Fusion Reggae

The Singh Sisters Bollywood Bush Dance Heel & Toe Polka 


Illustration from Clyde Mendes column at  Salsa TV, Singapore


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Priya Sharma 10/15/2009 09:44

Hey guy, just chill and let wait for the show to commence tomorrow. Why get so impulsive with our opinions? Let not bad mouth the show before it even kicks off, for all you know you may even like

Sony is our favorite brand and surely Sony will never disappoint us, that for sure. I still remember the days when anyone came from the middle east the TV they brought home was a Sony. Sony was the
wow factor and still is the wow factor.

Clyde, start blogging the gossip of the show and let take it from there. I hope there is an agreement.

Thanks guys and Caio.

Kersi 10/14/2009 14:24

How different it is from "So you think you can dance" or its desi version of "Nachaballia"
Look to be the same old story on a bigger More kachrapati

Kumud 10/14/2009 14:20

Hey Clyde, Are you students participating in DPL?
Your guys are exceptionall excellent, full of style, attitude and posture..
Carol and Ron are always on their Tango attack. You video tutorial of them both teaching is superb.
Sapna and Sameer are the perfect pair in the Salsa tutorial.
Anyone from you Liverpool school partaking in DPL?
Your school is freaking super..........Your Liverpool have taught not only quite a few Britt but Latin to Salsa.

Aarti 10/14/2009 11:43

I am looking forward to a chat break with professional in different dance styles.......Hope sony reads my comment............
if this is implemented..............Thank you. -)

Ankita & Rakhi 10/14/2009 11:39

Will the show have a celebrity break - a dance performed by them. We would be looking forward for some bollywood masti on the show.
Ah hoy Sony, this is not impossible if bollywood is on the judging panel.