Dancing Handshake Turns in Merengue

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Dancing Handshake Turns in Merengue


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Visit Miami or New York City and you're sure to find a nightclub where people dance the merengue. The tambora, the saxophone and the accordion flow together to make the music for this two-step dance. Handshake turns are "figure merengue" because partners turn individually without letting go of each other's hands. Sway this way to do handshake turns in merengue.
  1. Start in the closed position with the man's right arm around the woman's waist and his left hand holding her right hand at about eye level.
  2. Begin the basic movement by stepping in place for eight counts like a march. Knees are soft and hips sway left to right. Later, take these steps to the right or left and front or back.
  3. Turn the female partner to the right slowly as the male partner releases his hold on her waist. He then raises his left arm and creates a pocket underneath for the female to move through.
  4. Keep your free arm in front of you, ladies. Your arm is at chest level as your male partner turns you.
  5. Switch her right hand from your left hand to your right while she is turned away from you, gentlemen. She then gives you her left hand and continues to turn to the right.
  6. Place your hands over her head as you turn to the left while she completes her turn to the right. Both of you come back to closed position.
  7. Try stepping forward for eight counts as your female partner goes backwards. Repeat Step 3 through Step 6 at a faster pace or move in place as you spin her all the way around you.


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