Dancing Merengue Turning Signals

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Dancing Merengue Turning Signals 


El hombre dominicano es machista, quiere que sus órdenes sean cumplidas. Pero a sus mujeres no les gusta cumplirlas, y de alli vienen sus pleitos. Bachata es una defensa de los hombres.

The merengue is a danced by two partners who stand close to each other. The direction of the dance is transmitted through signals. When the lead partner wants to move forward, he increases the pressure on his partner's hips and thighs. When he wants to move back, he eases the pressure. The lead indicates when to turn by lifting and positioning his arm.
  1. Dance the merengue as you normally would. The moves for the dance don't change. Lift your right arm if you're the lead dancer.
  2. Position your arm directly above your own head to signal your intention to perform a turn yourself.
  3. Place your arm upward and to the right to signal your partner that you want her to perform a right turn.
  4. Move your arm up and to the left to tell your partner you want her to turn left.
  5. Bring your arm up and center to tell your partner to turn in whatever direction she chooses.
  6. Return to a traditional dance position to continue and continue dancing





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