Dancing Partner Bachata Dance Turns?

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Dancing Partner Bachata Dance Turns?


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After the student learns how to do turns in bachata, the next step is to do these turns while dancing with a partner. This requires the leader to indicate when a turn will be done while the follower, at the conclusion of a turn, must be able to read the leader's cue regarding what comes next.
  1. Begin in the closed position with the basic side steps.
  2. http://www.dallasbachatafestival.com/images/dancers/abgela_pic.jpgChange to the open position by removing your hand from your partner's back, sliding it down her arm and taking her left hand while moving backward slightly to give your partner room to turn. This must all be done between counts 1 and 4 so your partner is ready to turn on count 1.
  3. Turn your hand in your partner's so your palms are together and point your fingers in the direction that you want your partner to turn. Don't clasp your partner's hand tightly; your partner will need to turn her hand in yours to remain comfortable during the turn.
  4. Raise your partner's left hand so she can turn under her own arm. Release your partner's right hand so he or she can perform the turn.
  5. Move to the right as your partner turns so you can be ready to return to the open or closed danced position at the end of the turn.
  6. Indicate that you want to do a turn yourself by not returning to the open dance position (don't take your partner's other hand at the conclusion of the turn).
  7. Keep your partner's left hand low, and turn into it so your partner's hand touches your side. Then release it, complete your turn and return to the open or closed danced position.


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