Dancing the Body Frame Posture in Merengue Dance

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Dancing the Body Frame Posture in Merengue Dance 


El hombre dominicano es machista, quiere que sus órdenes sean cumplidas. Pero a sus mujeres no les gusta cumplirlas, y de alli vienen sus pleitos. Bachata es una defensa de los hombres.

Merengue, considered the national dance of the Dominican Republic, is based upon folkloric dance of this Latin America country. Merengue dance is fast paced and involves close dancing with multiple turns, a style which is quickly gaining popularity in the United states. With just a few simple tips, you can learn basic body frame posture for merengue dance.
  1. Keep your spine tall and your body lifted, a common body posture for any Latin American dance style. Merengue is not for the timid, so hold your body confidently. Keep your abdominals tight and your shoulders relaxed. Lean your body forward slightly while dancing, as this will help to move your hips.
  2. Lift your elbows so that they are straight in front of your body. The upper arms should be parallel to the floor. The position of your forearms will depend on whether you are leading or being led.
  3. Lead the dance by dropping your right forearm, placing your hand under your partner's arm and holding onto her scapula. Your left forearm should be lifting straight up so that your fingertips point towards the ceiling.
  4. Be led in merengue dance by draping your left forearm over your partner's shoulder and placing your hand lightly on his shoulder or the back of his neck. Your right hand should be lifting with the forearm straight. Place your hand gently into your partner's hand.
  5. Hold your partner's hand throughout all merengue dance moves. Even during turns and other steps, partners never release contact in the Latin American dance form.






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