Dancing the Double Hand Turn in Merengue

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Dancing the Double Hand Turn in Merengue 


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The merengue dance is a popular Latin dance. It is native to the Dominican Republic, but dancers brought it to all Latin American countries. The dance requires one or two dancers who dance a basic two step beat. The merengue dance also has turns, like the popular double hand turn. Here's how to do a double hand turn when dancing the merengue.
  1. Begin by doing the basic merengue dance. This is a two step dance that is simply a right step, and a left step. Both dancers should be holding hands and should be close together with the hands at their sides or in front.
  2. Sway your hips to the rhythm of the music while you are stepping. All of the basic merengue moves originate with the hips swaying and the feet doing the step one, step two movements.
  3. Step back from your partner slowly while maintaining the one step, two step rhythm. At the same time, both dancers should still be holding hands. Slowly bring both arms straight up.
  4. Turn to the left and spin around slowly while maintaining the one step, two step rhythm. The lady should do the turn while both arms are straight up in the air and the dancers are still holding hands. This is why it is call a double hand turn.
  5. Lower the arms back down to the front or side while maintaining the one step, two step rhythm. Repeat each step as frequent as you wish to do the double hand turn.





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