Dancing The Ladies Underarm Turn in the Rumba

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Dancing The Ladies Underarm Turn in the Rumba


Music must be swallowed by movement.

Spicy, flirty, Latin moves are on display on the dance floor with the rumba. Its classic slow-quick-quick beat makes it easy to dance to just about any music with a Latin beat. You can make it even more fun by adding an underarm turn while dancing the rumba. Here are the steps for ladies.
  1. Grasp the hand of your partner and place your other hand on his shoulders. This is the classic stance for the rumba.
  2. Step backwards with your right foot and left with your left foot. Quickly bring your right foot in and snap it up against your left foot.
  3. Walk forward seven steps, making a slight circle on the dance floor. Step forward with one foot at a time as you feel the slow-quick-quick beat with the music.
  4. Snap your feet together at the end of the seventh step. Your heels will make a clicking sound as your feet come together and your heel clacks against the floor.
  5. Repeat these steps as the music continues. Feel free to add your own moves to the rumba, as long as you keep with the beat.
  6. Remember that this is a Latin dance, so your moves should be graceful and sexy at the same time.






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